Season 7 | Wentworth


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Season 7

Episode 1 — Blood Wedding
With Ray refusing to take no for an answer to his marriage proposal, Rita takes a dangerous punt, hoping to put him off for his own good. Despite her ‘friends in high places’, Marie is blindsided by a lengthy sentence and seeks comfort in Allie’s arms. After a terrifying incident with an ice-crazed prisoner, Vera makes a momentous decision. Boomer gets a date for her parole hearing, promising to help Liz fulfill her bucket list.

Episode 2 — Payback
Instated as Acting Governor, Will seeks to reconnect with Kaz to stop the drug, Ice, from coming in. Targeting Kosta, who is bringing drugs in through drone drops of dead birds, Kaz learns the truth about Kylee’s attack on her – Marie set it up. Determined to eradicate Marie’s threat once and for all, Kaz seeks an alliance with Rita to take Marie out. When Allie gets wind of their suspicious behavior, she presses Ruby to intervene. Meanwhile, Vera gravitates to helping Greg Miller run his program, spiking Jake’s jealousy, whilst Boomer starts ticking off Liz’s bucket list.

Episode 3 — Atonement
Suffering the fallout from an act of extreme violence, Kaz undergoes therapy with Doctor Miller and confronts some home truths about her ideology and behavior. With Miller’s help, Kaz embarks on a cathartic journey of atonement with the people she’s hurt, which ultimately leads her to a heartbreaking discovery. Meanwhile, Rita finds herself on dangerous ground when a new inmate threatens to expose an alarming secret. And Jake is confronted by an unwelcome blast from the past when a new officer joins the team.

Episode 4 — Karen
The clock is ticking on Rita’s dilemma. Ruby suggests she try to get out of Wentworth before things truly go pear-shaped. Meanwhile, Vera learns the sex of her baby, which sends her into a tailspin – she confides in Greg Miller, but their conversation backfires when Jake gets secondhand news. And Kaz uses her newfound knowledge about Will to force Marie into a deal, fueling the enmity between them.

Episode 5 — Ascension
The prison reels; officers and prisoners alike are left deeply affected by a shocking crime. Allie makes it her mission to hunt down whoever’s responsible. Rita is stunned to discover what Ruby has sacrificed to secure her safety, while Liz’s fractured memories drive her to believe that she could be the culprit. Eventually Miller helps unpack Liz’s truth, but her recent episode has triggered dark thoughts, and she turns to Boomer for help.

Episode 6 — Mother
Determined to unmask the culprit, Will instigates another ramp in which Jake discovers piece of damning evidence thought to be long buried, exposing a truth about Marie and Ruby. Meanwhile, as Liz’s memory begins to improve, Boomer is given a day release that she spends with her mother, May. Their rocky relationship undergoes some reparations, until an unwitting act of theft sends them both back to Wentworth. Jake continues to battle for Vera’s affection, but his attempt to sideline Miller backfires.

Episode 7 — Bad Blood
With Ruby fighting for her life, Rita appeals to Vera for help persuading Will to allow her to be at her sister’s bedside. But neither is aware someone else has greater influence. Frustrated by his delay, Marie embarks on a campaign to intimidate her ‘protector’ into action, while Boomer clashes with her mother, forcing Liz to play peacemaker.

Episode 8 — Protection
Marie’s efforts to have her conviction overturned backfire when her protector attempts to silence her permanently. Liz summons the courage to meet with her estranged son, while her maternal instincts kick in when she defends Boomer from May. Returning after her near death experience, Ruby struggles with the prospect of having to give up boxing, but the pain is softened by her reconciliation with Allie.

Episode 9 — Under Siege (Part One)
Tensions rise between Will and Vera, when Vera discovers a secret of his and offers an ultimatum to keep silent. Liz’s dementia returns causing Miller to up her dose of Psuldrycin. Jake comes to Linda’s defense when he uncovers a plot to extort her, but events spiral out of everyone’s control when a catastrophic situation develops.

Episode 10 — Under Siege (Part Two)
Events continue to escalate when Vera and her baby are placed under threat. Stakes are high, with everyone’s lives hanging in the balance…