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The Other Side

Rooted in respect and Indigenous traditions three paranormal investigators work together to bridge the gap between the living and the spirit world.

APTN Documentaries

Experience the triumphs, losses, and passions of Indigenous Peoples, as told by Indigenous filmmakers, and get a glimpse into their lives as they have lived them.

APTN Movies

Top up the popcorn then sneak a peek at the coming attractions! APTN has the best movies every weekend.

Indigenous Language Programs

A list of authentic and inspiring documentaries, movies and shows available to watch in Indigenous languages.

A Cut Above

Adam Beach hosts the ultimate chainsaw carving competition. Twelve of the world’s best carvers gather deep in a forest outside Squamish and turn ordinary logs into works of art.

Little Bird

An Indigenous woman raised in an affluent Jewish family uncovers the tragic story of a family torn apart during the Sixties Scoop.

Merchants of the Wild

Indigenous strangers, away from family and the comforts of modern life, must work together, as they learn the old ways of the Mi’kmaq and face their own survival.

Friday Night Thunder

Get the inside track on the exhilarating and dangerous world of sprint car racing as seen through the lives of five Indigenous racing families.

APTN Social Scene