Season 5 | Wentworth


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Season 5

Episode 1 — Scars
On the inside, Vera and Ferguson must deal with the fallout from Bea’s death; while outside, Franky’s life of freedom is jeopardised by an obsessive Mike Pennisi.
Recovering from Bea’s death, Allie returns to Wentworth seeking vengeance against Ferguson. But her attack is thwarted when Ferguson seizes the opportunity to make a powerful statement and create a sense of fear around her. Vera is faced with the problem of finding out who let Bea into a restricted area to be killed by Ferguson. Covering her own tracks, Vera is forced to compromise her own ethics by pinning it on a scapegoat. While Franky finds her life unravelling when the man she assaulted, Mike Pennisi, reappears in her life.

Episode 2 — The Bitch is Back
A nervous Liz prepares for her imminent appearance as Witness X, living in fear that Sonia will surely catch her out. Someone discovers Liz’s secret; are they friend or foe? Vera undermines Ferguson’s “self-defence” plea in Bea Smith’s slaying. She traps the Freak in Wentworth with an elaborate lie but her victory will come at a cost – both professional and personal. Mike Pennisi wants retribution for Franky’s past actions.

Episode 3 — Nothing but the Truth
Liz takes the stand as the key witness in Sonia’s trial.
Sonia’s trial is underway, and Liz is brought in as the prosecution’s star witness. Sonia has a surprise accomplice. Lucy spies Liz in her civvies and immediately suspects something is awry. The defence tears Liz’s evidence apart. Meanwhile Franky and Bridget’s relationship implodes as Franky insists on Ferguson’s involvement in her murder charge. Then a surprise letter changes everything.

Episode 4 — Loose Ends
With the murder charge against her dropped, Sonia is free to tie up loose ends.
Sonia enjoys her freedom but there is still unfinished business to attend to which doesn’t go to plan. Liz, back inside, clings to the hope that Don will get her perjury charge dropped. Franky starts to put her escape plan into action, as Ferguson exploits Jake and Tina’s drug flow problem to her own advantage.

Episode 5 — Belly of the Beast
Kaz accuses Will of being a drug supplier but is forced to see him in a different light when he heroically saves her life.
Franky’s escape plan goes haywire with unforeseen and near-tragic consequences when Kaz and Will are victims of a terrible accident. Allie claims responsibility for the accident in an attempt to convince Tina of her allegiance in exchange for heroin. Meanwhile, Doreen fronts the Board for her transfer application and makes an impassioned pitch. Sonia is back behind bars and Lucy seeks Liz’s help in an attempt to extort money from Sonia. Liz sees this as an opportunity to get Sonia put into Protection buying herself some time to make contact with Don.

Episode 6
Ferguson enacts her plan to destroy Vera. On the eve of Vera’s birthday, Ferguson puts her plan in motion to take over the prison. Instructing Jake to make Vera emotionally dependent on him, Vera’s initial rejection of his offer to move in with her puts Ferguson on the back foot. As rumblings against Kaz increase over her failure to bash Lucy for her attack on Sonia, Ferguson manipulates Lucy in order to up the pressure on the top dog. When Vera finally succumbs to Jake’s charms, Ferguson performs an ultimate act of terror to dethrone Kaz and become top dog.

Episode 7
Allie enacts an all or nothing plan to kill Ferguson and avenge Bea’s death. Allie puts it all on the line and sacrifices more than she bargains for as she takes the final steps in her plan to hot shot Ferguson. Meanwhile, Will is intent on busting the drug ring and lays a trap.

Episode 8 – Think inside the Box
Franky’s quest to escape Wentworth takes its toll on her relationship with Bridget.
Franky and Allie are drawn closer together on their quest to find a viable escape route, but their growing bond sends Bridget off the rails and she resigns. Meanwhile Channing demands Sonia’s ‘Green Wall’ project is shut down after a disastrous presentation and she blames Liz. Will makes a shocking discovery.

Episode 9 – Snakehead
When Will Jackson enlists Kaz and Allie to help expose Jake as the dirty officer, the effects ricochet through Wentworth testing long-term alliances, friendships, love and loyalties.
Will forms an alliance with Kaz to expose Jake. When they ask Allie to reveal a secret she is torn between her loyalty to Kaz and Red Right Hand, and her new friendship with Franky. Vera is forced to put the search for truth before her love for Jake. Franky and Allie formulate a detailed plan of escape but it will take ingenuity, courage and some help from Franky’s dad.

Episode 10 – MERE ANARCHY
Franky discovers the truth about Mike Pennisi’s murder, only to have her hope of exoneration snatched away.
Having discovered a connection between Mike Pennisi and Iman Farah, Franky enlists Bridget’s help to discover the true nature of the connection. Meanwhile, Channing’s investigation clears Jake of Will’s drug supplier accusations but, in the wake of a murder, sidelines Vera and assumes the role of acting Governor. Liz gets drunk with Sonia and hears a graphic confession to Don’s murder. But Vera is sceptical of Liz’s claims and cautions her against making further accusations against Sonia.

Episode 11
Ferguson delivers Vera her coup de grâce with almost fatal consequences.
An increasingly guilt-ridden Jake defies Ferguson by encouraging Vera to leave Wentworth with him. Jake is trapped when Ferguson reveals that her lawyers have ensured that the drug money trail leads direct to him. Realising there’s no way out of his pact, Jake attempts suicide but lacks the fortitude to go through with it. Meanwhile, Franky is released from the slot and plans her imminent escape with Allie, only for Kaz to urge her to join forces and bring Ferguson down. Swayed by Allie to help her family before escaping, Franky finds herself front and centre in a kangaroo court that gets out of control when the inmates try to lynch Ferguson.

Episode 12 – Seeing Red
Bea is devastated when she finds Allie, and is convinced that Kaz is responsible. But once she learns who really tried to kill her, Bea’s attentions turn back to Ferguson’s trial. Convinced that Ferguson is planning something, she enlists Franky to put a stop to it. Franky races against the clock to locate Shayne who through Ferguson’s coaxing is set on killing Jesper before he can give evidence. Jasper doesn’t make it to the courthouse. Ferguson is acquitted; returns to Wentworth and upon release, Bea is intent on delivering her own justice in the name of Allie and others who have suffered at the hands of Ferguson. Someone will not be returning to Wentworth again.