Season 1 | Wentworth


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Season 1

Episode 1 – No Place Like Home
Bea Smith goes from housewife to inmate after being charged with attempted murder of her husband and finds out the hard way that retribution in prison has fatal consequences.

Episode 2 – Fly Me Away
In the aftermath of the riot, Officer Will Jackson blackmails Doreen into helping him, threatening the removal of young Kaiya. Struggling with lack of contact with her daughter, Bea has a visit from her husband Harry, who wants to ensure they stick with their story. As Vera struggles as Acting Governor, prison advocate Erica Davidson shines for General Manager Derek Channing.

Episode 3 – The Girl Who Waited
Bea is caught up in the brutal rivalry between Franky and Jacs, while Erica struggles to gain the support of the officers. Franky is confronted with a visit from her father who abandoned her as a young child.

Episode 4 – The Things We Do
Franky teaches Bea a tough lesson in loyalty leaving her vulnerable to Jacs. When a young girl has a near death experience in Wentworth, Liz is forced to relive long-buried memories from her own past. Jacs discovers her husband is having an affair in a very public way. Franky stirs up new feelings in Erica.

Episode 5 – The Velvet Curtain
Unsettled by a dream about Franky, Erica attempts to avoid her, however, they are thrown together when Franky becomes the poster girl for prison reform. Stripped of her peer worker duties, Liz’s drinking problem spirals and she alienates the women until a close call gives her much needed perspective. Bea reveals to Liz the truth about her marriage.

Episode 6 – Captive
Vera’s attempt to impress Fletch backfires and her domineering mother reveals a humiliating secret to her peers. Erica betrays Franky in order to keep her own secret and protect her position at Wentworth.

Episode 7 – Something Dies
With Franky in the slot, Jacs is ruling the prison and the women are living in fear. When word gets out that Franky is to be released back into the compound, Jacs plans a brutal attack. Will discovers something about Meg that sends him on a downward spiral, pushing him dangerously close to the edge. Bea pays a high price for crossing Jacs while Franky gets her revenge.

Episode 8 – Mind Games
The officers and women are on edge, aware of Jacs’ downward swing in popularity, while Bea’s is on the rise. They are waiting for the next round of reprisals. To Liz’s disgust, Franky continues to push Bea to confront Jacs while Jacs scrambles to claw back ground. To gain back control of Wentworth Jacs makes a final play to break Bea.

Episode 9 – To The Moon
Bea is grief-stricken over the death of her daughter but just when she starts coming to terms with it, is dealt a further blow by being refused to attend the funeral. In the depths of despair she attempts to end her own life, only to be saved by Liz. The women rally around Bea and organise a memorial where Jacs sees her plan to break Bea has backfired. Vera and Fletch’s date comes to a humiliating end.

Episode 10 – Checkmate
Bea discovers the link between Debbie’s secret boyfriend and Jacs. As Fletch and Vera grow closer a secret threatens to tear them apart. Determined to end Franky’s manipulation of Bea, Liz turns to the Governor. The truth behind the riot is finally revealed and Bea confronts a killer leading to deadly consequences.