Season 2 | Wentworth


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Season 2

Episode 1 – Born Again
Three months after Jacs Holt’s death, new arrival Governor Joan Ferguson instantly makes an enemy of Franky, while Bea finds a new purpose.

Episode 2 – Whatever It Takes
Bea attempts to get revenge on Brayden Holt, while Frank’s determination to maintain power has fatal consequences for a new inmate and there is an instant attraction between Doreen and a visiting male prisoner.

Episode 3 – Boys In the Yard
Following the failure of Harry to avenge their daughter’s death, Bea hatches a daring plot to lure Brayden Holt to Wentworth where she can take care of him herself.

Episode 4 – The Danger Within
When Bea faces an assassination attempt from the Holt family, she enlists Franky’s help and three new inmates arrive.

Episode 5 – Twist The Knife
Bea discovers Simmo has a weakness she can exploit for her own ends, while Fletch and Will face off in a confrontation that will end their friendship for good.

Episode 6 – The Pink Dragon
Simmo’s attempt to kill Bea ends in tragedy when Ferguson intervenes, while Liz faces her greatest dilemma – to snitch on Franky.

Episode 7 – Metamorphosis
Ferguson manipulates Vera into euthanizing her mother, while Doreen discovers she is pregnant and Maxine orchestrates a desperate escape.

Episode 8 – Sins Of The Mother
An isolated and paranoid Franky tries to uncover the snitch and panic sets in when Doreen’s discarded pregnancy test is discovered and drug tests are ordered.

Episode 9 – The Fixer
When Ferguson discovers Doreen is the pregnant prisoner, she threatens Doreen to admit Will is the father. In doing so, the truth behind Ferguson’s obsession with Will is revealed.

Episode 10 – Jailbirds
Liz struggles to adjust to life on the outside and tries to reconnect with her estranged children, while Bea and Doreen must stop Boomer from adding to Liz’s woes by having her bashed as revenge for snitching on Franky.

Episode 11 – Into The Night
Months of preparation and subterfuge come together as Bea’s elaborate ploy for freedom is finally realised and Fletch uncovers some information that could finally unmask Ferguson for what she is.

Episode 12 – Fear Her
The extent of Bea’s daring plan is revealed as she makes the final moves to avenge Debbie’s death and Fletch uncovers the reason why Ferguson has it in for Will.