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APTN Documentaries

Experience the triumphs, losses, and passions of Indigenous Peoples, as told by Indigenous filmmakers.

APTN Movies

Top up the popcorn then sneak a peek at the coming attractions! APTN has the best movies every weekend.

Indigenous Language Programs

A list of authentic and inspiring documentaries, movies and shows available to watch in Indigenous languages.

Acting Good

Paul is back in Grouse Lake, but things have changed for the big baby. He's got to grow up for his family to show up.

Treaty Road

Saxon de Cocq and Erin Goodpipe examine the role that Indigenous Peoples played in the numbered treaty negotiations.

The Nature of Things

Journey through a season of nature’s diverse landscapes and wonders.

Going Places with Ernie Dingo

Ernie Dingo explores iconic Australian destinations and talks to locals who have a symbiotic relationship with nature.