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About Season 8

Award-winning and critically acclaimed series confronting life in a women’s prison. It takes viewers inside an uncompromising environment that explores the politics of women in a world without men and examines the lengths they go to in order to survive.
Following the final heart-stopping ending to season seven, where a glimpse of The Freak was dramatically revealed, season eight of this explosive, multi-award-winning drama returns with 10 gripping new episodes packed with rivalries, unlikely allegiances, friendships and power struggles.
Wentworth’s popular main characters are back: Marie Winter is in isolation for her attempted escape; the loss of Lizzie weighs heavily on Boomer; Vera blissfully basks in the glow of motherhood, unaware of lurking danger; and Rita struggles in witness protection. However, the stakes will be raised with an array of new intruders, both on the inside and beyond the barbed wire.