Season 3 | Wentworth


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Season 3

Episode 1 – The Governor’s Pleasure
Bea is sentenced to life and has her sights set on bringing down Ferguson starting with a riot in the yard.

Episode 2 – Failing Upwards
To cement her position as Top Dog, Bea makes a dangerous bargain with Ferguson, and Liz’s daughter Sophie seeks answers from her mother.

Episode 3 – Knives Out
Franky is under siege from other prisoners and rejects the help from the new counsellor, while Will becomes a suspect in Harry’s murder.

Episode 4 – Righteous Act
Liz’s daughter Sophie becomes Wentworth’s newest inmate and Ferguson arranges a physical attack on Bea.

Episode 5 – Mercy
Bea realises Kaz Proter may be behind Harry’s murder and Fletch struggles with memories of his hit and run, while the Police turn up the heat on Will.

Episode 6 – Evidence
Fergusons’ revenge on Jodie is swift and brutal, and Bea finds herself in the psych unit.

Episode 7 – The Long Game
While Bea is held in the psych unit, Franky is pushed to reveal her biggest secret to Bridget.

Episode 8 – Goldfish
Bea encourages Doreen to uncover the truth behind Ferguson’s obsession with “Jianna” and Vera confronts Ferguson over betraying her during the riot.

Episode 9 – Freak Show
Ferguson has Bridget removed from Wentworth, Fletch becomes unlikely ally for Bea and Jess.

Episode 10 – Insidious
Franky puts herself in danger before her parole hearing by concealing drugs and Will finally learns the truth about Meg’s killer.

Episode 11 – The Living and the Dead
Bea uses her alliance with Fletch to drive a wedge between Vera and Ferguson which sets in motion a chain of unstoppable events.

Episode 12 – Blood and Fire
Ferguson loses control, and when she tries to cover her tracks, everyone is put in danger as the death toll rises.