Season 5 | Mohawk Girls


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Season 5

Anna finally belongs, but is she willing to pay the cost? Zoe struggles in touchy-feely rehab. Bailey faces backlash for choosing James. Caitlin, now with Butterhead, is in the community’s good graces – if only she can figure out how to break up with Leon.
Zoe returns home to face the music and the rumor mill. Caitlin discovers the idea of self-love. Bailey meets James’s family and it goes surprisingly well…until it doesn’t. Anna’s lifestyle takes its toll until she finds an unexpected energy source.
White but A’right
Bailey tries to juggle life with James and life on the rez. Zoe has to fight the urge to relapse. Anna grows bitter toward Bailey for bucking the rules. Caitlin finds creative ways to bolster her self-esteem when things with Butterhead take a turn.
Shame Campaign
Zoe tries to figure out what she likes to do. Bailey takes James out into the community, but it doesn’t go well. Caitlin wants to start a home hairdressing business. Anna is on track to become the kind of Mohawk she wants to be, but her past gets in the way.
You in or You Out?
Caitlin does everything she can to keep Butterhead. After a surprise visit, Zoe stands up to her parents. Bailey chooses James over her community, but its beauty makes her waver. Anna becomes the baddest mean girl in town, but struggles with this new label.
Bailey wants both James and a place in her community. Tired of living by the rules, Anna takes a stand and is surprised by the results. Zoe considers a huge life change but isn’t sure she can do it. Caitlin has a choice to make: self-love or plain old love.