Season 2 | Mohawk Girls


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Season 2

Episode 1 — Building the Nation
Caitlin breaks her big news to Butterhead and is surprised by his reaction. Anna is thrilled she mustered her courage and went for Thunder but she’s petrified of Vicky’s retribution. Energized by her dirty little secret, Zoe goes into role model overdrive. Bailey’s exciting new relationship with white guy Jack takes a surprising turn.

Episode 2 — Freaksville
When her family intervenes in her love life again, Bailey makes a radical decision. Caitlin’s living arrangements become too close for comfort. When the girls find out about Zoe’s secret escape, they decide to check it out for themselves. Anna and Thunder have very different ideas about the right time to consummate their new relationship.

Episode 3 — What’s Your Number?
Anna finds out about the importance of blood quantum on the rez and worries about what her own number may be. Butterhead’s mom teaches Caitlin a few tricks on how to keep her man happy. Bailey begins her quest to find a great guy in the city. Jonesing for another sexual escape, Zoe searches high and low for a satisfying partner.

Episode 4 — Dating Mohawk Style
Worried about her lack of a sex life with Butterhead, Caitlin hatches a plan to keep him satisfied. Anna struggles with her Mohawk status and what it could mean for her and Thunder. Having a hard time finding Mr. Right in the city, Bailey finds a way to speed up the process. Zoe takes a tentative first step in her quest for kink.

Episode 5 — Bridesmaidzilla
Maid of honour Zoe is going to make sure everything is perfect at her cousin’s wedding, even if it kills her… and everyone else. Caitlin realizes how much her dad and Butterhead have in common. Bailey jumps between city life and rez life, trying to figure out where she belongs. Anna is pressured to up her game in order to keep Thunder.

Episode 6 — Rez Balls
Bailey meets a guy who seems too good to be true. Is he? Zoe gets swept away in her secret escape and shirks her responsibilities at home. Caitlin struggles to make a choice about her future. When Anna’s secret is revealed, she has to find a way to salvage her relationship with Thunder and her position in the community.