Cast | Mohawk Girls


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Bailey, 29, wants to be the “perfect” Mohawk. Everyone in her life seems to have a strong idea of what that means and she tries to live by their rules and meet their expectations. Unfortunately her heart starts taking her in very different directions and she finds herself having to constantly choose between her own happiness and everyone else’s.

Caitlin, 27, is a full-figured sex-bomb who flaunts what god gave her and flirts with all the boys, even when she shouldn’t. Deeply protective of all her friends, her abyss of insecurity and lack of self-esteem make her incapable of protecting herself and she ends up settling for men who don’t treat her with respect and don’t give her the one thing she craves the most – love.

Zoe, 28, is a type-A personality driven by the need to succeed and to be respected in her community. Obsessed by what people think of her, she is more focused on her image than on really living. But once she starts to let loose, she finds it hard to stop… even if it might jeopardize everything she’s worked for.

Anna, 24, has a Mohawk father and a white mother. A newcomer to the rez, she is a free spirit whom the other girls envy and yet scold for not following the rules. Anna constantly struggles between her desire to fit in – to prove that she really is a Mohawk – and her desire to just be herself. She goes too far to both extremes and gets into trouble every step of the way.