Season 4 | Mohawk Girls


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Season 4

Episode 1 — Fauxhawk
Zoe seeks out a way to win back the community’s approval after missing Hawi’s fundraiser. Still tentative about her engagement, Bailey wonders if people are really capable of change. A newly single Anna questions what’s left for her on the rez. Caitlin considers whether being Non-Mohawk is really a dating deal-breaker.

Episode 2 — That’s Just the Way It Is
Plagued with self-doubt, Caitlin fears her new relationship is too good to be true. Bailey is thrilled to plan her dream wedding only to realize that Watio has dreams of his own. Anna struggles to fit in with the cool gang until she makes an unexpected new friend. Zoe’s new campaign platform is met with mixed reviews.

Episode 3 — Defending My Turf
Bailey wants a career she can feel passionate about. Caitlin lets her insecurities get the best of her and her relationship. Anna tries to date Mohawk style by pursuing guys the “white” way. Pleased her efforts are finally paying off, Zoe is back in control of her life, or so she thinks.

Episode 4 — Who’s the Bear Killer Now?
Anna, determined to regain her footing with the popular crowd, turns up the sex appeal and lowers her standards. Zoe’s confidence takes a hit when a new opponent enters the race. Bailey decides to broaden her horizons by broadening her vocabulary. Insecure after a fight, Caitlin avoids Leon until he surprises her in more ways than one.

Episode 5 — Hit It or Quit It
Mounting pressure sends Zoe in a downward spiral as she tries to please everyone. Caitlin grapples with backlash from the community for dating Leon. Anna is determined to finish what she started with Midas, no matter what his nickname is. Bailey refuses to let Watio dictate who she can be friends with.

Episode 6 — Marry Out, Get Out
Bailey fights with Watio ahead of their engagement party. Anna, desperate to impress, gets caught up protesting a cause that hits a little too close to home. Zoe relinquishes control as she tries to make up for her recent missteps. Reality sets in once Caitlin realizes Leon will never be welcome on the rez.

Episode 7 — Traitor
Caitlin’s resolve falters when old flame Butterhead starts stirring up trouble. Zoe struggles to focus on work and not succumb to temptation. Bailey panics about being with Watio forever. Things go from bad to worse as Anna seeks validation wherever she can get it.

Episode 8 — Powwow
Powwow weekend forces Anna to choose what kind of Mohawk she wants to be. Bailey is torn between her emotional desires and her cultural obligations. After all the effort Butterhead makes to win her back, Caitlin starts to see him in a new light. Zoe makes a life change after suffering the consequences of her actions.