Season 1 | Mohawk Girls


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Season 1

Episode 1 — Welcome to Our World
When Bailey’s ideal Mohawk man turns out to be less than ideal, she has to start her search all over again. Perfect Zoe finds a way to have secret fun that no one will know about. Caitlin hooks up with mean girl Vicky’s ex-boyfriend Butterhead and suffers the consequences. Free spirit Anna moves back to the strange world of the rez.

Episode 2 — One Big Teepee
Anna gets a crash course in the rules of the rez when she invites her non-Native city friends to a rez party. Bailey searches for love and finds it in an unlikely place. Zoe calls her online dating stranger for a little sex chat to take the edge off. Caitlin pursues Butterhead to no avail… ‘til he needs a place to crash.

Episode 3 — Hanky Spanky
Deciding she can have a little fun, Zoe lets loose at the local bar but she lets way too loose. Caitlin goes into sexy girlfriend overdrive to keep her flirtatious boyfriend from misbehaving. Bailey takes her cougar auntie’s advice and goes for a young pup. Quirky Anna undergoes a makeover to try to fit in but fails miserably.

Episode 4 — Where’s My Warrior?
Caitlin visits her family in Calgary to escape thoughts of her breakup with the cheating Butterhead. Zoe balks when her online dating stranger wants to meet in person. Taking a Mohawk language class, Anna tries to ignore how cute the teacher is – because he’s Bailey’s ex Thunder. Bailey goes to a nearby rez to expand her man horizons.

Episode 5 — Lobster Club
Bailey forces herself to date Mr. Mediocre but has more fun with new friend Jack. If only he wasn’t white. When Anna and Thunder are seen together, rumour spreads that they’re a couple. Zoe’s secret lover asks about her bedroom fantasies but she has no idea what they are. Caitlin takes Butterhead back and is on cloud nine.

Episode 6 — Tube Steak
Zoe pushes the boundaries in the bedroom but when she pushes too far, she freaks herself out. Alienated from the girls, Anna finds friendship in an unlikely place – with mean girl Vicky and her posse. Caitlin’s joy at being back together with Butterhead starts to wear off. Bailey is happy dating white guy Jack… ‘til her friends find out.

Episode 7 — Beast
Anna tries to implement her newfound “rez balls”. Bailey has to choose between what her community wants for her and what she wants. Turning into a doormat with Butterhead, Caitlin gets news that could change everything. When her pressure-cooker of a life becomes too much, Zoe takes her need for sexual adventure to the next level.