Season 3 | Mohawk Girls


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Season 3

Episode 1 — Apology Week
Zoe tries to weasel her way back into Lollipop’s good graces. Bailey, down in the dumps after betraying Anna’s confidence, finds a way to make herself feel better – much better. Caitlin knows that Butterhead isn’t good enough to be her baby daddy but can’t quite admit that he isn’t good enough for her. Anna tries to pick up the pieces after everyone finds out that she’s less than 50% Native.

Episode 2 — Pinó Noir
Zoe makes up with Lollipop only to realize that everyone else has a beef with her too. Bailey enjoys the excitement of an illicit affair… then has to face its consequences. Caitlin embarks on a self-help journey and gets support from an unlikely – and sexy – source. Anna tries to atone for beating up Tulip but her efforts lead her to feel like the world’s worst Mohawk.

Episode 3 — Where Are the Feathers?
Anna tries to prove that she’s more Mohawk than the Mohawks. Bailey is thrilled with her budding new relationship… mostly. Caitlin is determined to have it all… if only she can figure out how. Zoe hatches a plan to make the community like her again – a personality makeover!

Episode 4 — Self-Helpless
Anna ups her involvement in the community and it ends up scaring the hell out of her. Caitlin tries to push herself through a baby shower. Bailey compromises and finds middle ground in her relationship… but it’s exhausting. Zoe tries to find a new partner for her sexual escapes.

Episode 5 — Going Native
The girls drag Bailey on a birthday trip to lift her spirits but it goes awry all too quickly. Caitlin tries to stick to the last vestiges of her self-help journey but Butterhead distracts her from it. Zoe, desperate for another sexual escape, finds a new – and creepy – partner. Empowered by her new Warrior Coalition friends, Anna takes a stand at university.

Episode 6 — To Flee or not to Flee?
As pressure mounts in Zoe’s life, her addiction gets out of hand. Bailey isn’t so hot on her relationship with her new guy… ‘til he gives her the ultimate surprise. Caitlin gets loving from all sides and has to choose. Anna is forced to choose between family and the community.