Season 3 | Blackstone


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Season 3

Episode 1 – Some Things Never Change
Consumed by guilt and self-preservation, Andy begins losing the stronghold he has on Blackstone, while Victor tries to position himself as leader of the community.

Episode 2 – Bull in a China Shop
Tracy’s sister Sarah comes back to Blackstone like a tempest, threatening to take Wendy away from Leona and Gail.

Episode 3 – Reap What You Sow
Blackstone is rocked by a shooting that tests the community’s notions of justice, violence, and retribution.

Episode 4 – Never Gonna Stop
Daryl faces consequences at the hands of the Russian mafia, while Leona and Gail are further threatened by Sarah and Darrien, who want custody of Wendy

Episode 5 – “Still My Kid”
A shroud of domestic violence looms over Blackstone, and Debbie and Alan are lured back into Andy’s life.

Episode 6 – Burn Baby Burn
Andy’s business venture tanks as the murder case tightens, and the healing of the Stoney family comes full circle when Leona and Gail ask their ailing mother to move back to Blackstone.