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About Blackstone

Blackstone, a one-hour dramatic TV series, tells the story of a community suffering disintegration by its own hand – a result of the corruption, mismanagement and nepotism of its Chief and Councillors; and the parallel complicity of the silent bandmembers.
The series begins with Chief Stoney struggling in her new role. Andy Fraser, after losing re-election, continues his corrupt behaviour by attempting to remove incriminating files and orchestrating an alliance to replace the new Chief. Gail Stoney is still in mourning over the tragic death of her daughter Natalie (Roseanne Supernault), and ends up in the hospital. The community of Blackstone becomes divided as police are allowed to investigate, then prosecute in a child abuse case. Life in the city serves as a continuous temptation, as the new generation fights to create lasting and substantial change from within the community.