Season 1 | Blackstone


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Season 1

Episode 1 – Future? What Future?
In the pilot episode, the Blackstone First Nation struggles with disintegration of the community by its own hand.

Episode 2 – A New Beginning
Newly elected Chief Leona struggles in her role, while Andy orchestrates the removal of incriminating files.

Episode 3 – White Bread Red Class
Tensions rise as Leona discovers missing funds from the Band’s account while dealing with the complications of hiring a white substitute teacher.

Episode 4 – Suffer the Children
While the Blackstone band members air their concerns over the new leadership, Leona allows the police to investigate a child abuse case in the community.

Episode 5 – Ditch Monkey
Leona faces both a personal and public crisis when Gail ends up in the hospital and Andy leads a movement to unseat her as Chief.

Episode 6 – Daddy’s Home
When Andy coordinates a vote to replace Leona, she moves off Blackstone and pursues the conviction of Phil Henry.

Episode 7 – Bingo Night
Leona and members of Blackstone take the stand as the sexual abuse case comes to a head.

Episode 8 – Push Pull Twist Turn
Andy and Daryl collide over money while Leona returns to Blackstone focused on healing the community.

Episode 9 – Time’s Up
In the Season 1 Finale, Andy’s world unravels when he is forced out of the strip-club expansion, as Leona faces opposition as the school’s new counselor.