Season 5 | North of 60


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Season 5

Slow Burn
William cons his way into Albert’s criminal world. Brian and Rosemary have the chance to adopt a child. Albert is furious when Sarah moves in beside Joe.

Brian is tempted by a beautiful young woman. The Treatment Centre closes down, triggering an angry confrontation between Peter and Andrew. Charlie fears the Bushman has come for him.

Never Surrender
Sarah is shocked when a Social Worker questions her fitness as a mother. Teevee tries to get financing for a portable sawmill company. Elsie’s mental stability is questioned when she plans a birthday party for Lois four months too early.

Partners and Other Strangers
Teevee’s first portable sawmill contract is jeopardized by his own impatience and Gerry’s greed. Sylvie LeBret returns to Lynx River and old passions are rekindled between herself and Peter. Charlie tries to defend Michelle’s trap-line and earn his place in the Kenidi clan.

Fear of Flying
Brian panics when Brenda threatens to expose their affair. Sarah must decide between financial security and hard-earned friendship when she is offered a nursing job. Andrew has a job interview in Yellowknife, leaving Michelle and Charlie uncertain of their future of Flying.

The Watchers
Brian is attacked in the bush. Sylvie LeBret returns to Lynx River as the new teacher. Teevee’s business flourishes.

Simple Sufferings
Is Elsie senile or is Teevee really in danger? Albert forces his way into Teevee’s business. Lois studies to be a lay minister.

A Shimmer of Scales
Andrew is suspected of poaching. Gerry has a romantic encounter. Sarah gets some unexpected help building her home.

Suspicious Minds
The town buzzes with rumours of development. Michelle investigates Brian. A jealous rage lands Teevee in big trouble.

A Deeper Silence
A suspicious tip leads Brian and Michelle into the bush – with terrible results. A troubled teenager finds an unlikely friend in Brian. Peter jeopardizes the future of Lynx River with a secret business deal.

Walking with Ghosts
Michelle investigates Brian’s disappearance. Betty Moses returns – with a surprising agenda. Lois is pregnant.

Hunting in the Dark
Albert flies into a murderous rage when he finds Sarah in the arms of another man. Michelle sets up a sting in Vancouver to find Brenda. Joe is out hunting, but who is hunting Joe?

The Higher Law
The smoldering ruins of Albert’s house reveal a shocking crime. Peter faces the end of his political career. Charlie plays matchmaker.