Season 1 | North of 60


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Season 1

Episode 01: North of 60
A burned-out urban cop takes his emotional problems with him when he’s posted to a small Dene settlement in the Northwest Territories.

Episode 02: Different Drummer
Eric tries southern solutions on northern problems when he wages war on the local bootleggers … and books an angry Rosie on assault charges.

Episode 03: Road Not Taken
Sarah is mortified when her ex-lover returns to Lynx River with a change of heart and a marriage proposal he’s determined to make her accept. Meanwhile, Eric and Michelle must deal with a civil disobedience campaign to drive two Highway Department surveyors out of town.

Episode 04: Fair Trade
Teevee discovers the bones of a white hunter lost ten years ago outside Lynx River. Albert Golo steals the remains, proffering a swap for those of his ancestors in a southern museum. The Mounties are caught in the middle as Teevee tries to make peace with the dead man’s spirit in order to assuage his guilt.

Episode 05: Letting Go
Michelle’s ex-husband reappears after eight years and drives a wedge between Michelle and Hannah. Eric and Sarah have a one—night stand, which they both regret.

Episode 06: Out of the Blue
Eric is determined to punish the American pilots who sexually assaulted Teevee’s underage sister, but comes up against incredible outside forces.

Episode 07: The Reunion
Eric’s long awaited family visit is disastrous. His wife is filing for divorce, his daughter has become asthmatic, and his son is enraged. Michelle’s pursuit of a poacher turns into a deadly cat and mouse game.

Episode 08: Birthright
When Sarah’s closest friend, Ellen Kenidi, chooses a traditional instead of a hospital birth, it puts their friendship in jeopardy and forces Sarah to reevaluate her role in the community. Eric decides that the boys in town need to channel their energy into boxing.

Episode 09: Cold Comfort
Michelle faces ghosts from her past when she is drawn into helping Hannah’s friend, Donna. Sarah panics when Teevee pulls a prank which threatens to expose her relationship with Eric.

Episode 10: Act of Hares
When Peter is accused of having an affair, the repercussions are felt throughout the community. Meanwhile, Eric and Sarah have conflicting ideas about their own relationship.

Episode 11: Art of the Deal
Michelle is suspicious when a charming stranger (Graham Greene) comes to town; Sarah and Eric are concerned about Joe Goniba’s health.

Episode 12: Sister of Mercy
A visit by Michelle’s old residential school teacher stirs painful memories. Meanwhile, Eric and Sarah’s relationship is threatened when Eric’s son comes to visit.

Episode 13: Freeze Chat
Michelle and Eric are frozen out by the town when they try to investigate the shooting of Albert Golo.

Episode 14: All About Leslie
Teevee’s got a crush on the new student nurse, but she’s only got eyes for Eric. Meanwhile, Rosie and Leon fight their way to the wedding chapel.

Episode 15: Southern Comfort
Eric goes to Vancouver to find Teevee, who is trying to find Leslie. Teevee soon learns that Leslie has a boyfriend.

Episode 16: Fire
Teevee has a fight with Michelle, Eric moves into Sarah’s apartment.