Season 3 | North of 60


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Season 3

Fallen Angel
While Michelle is investigating evidence of solvent abuse, a fire breaks out and threatens Lynx River.

The Long Goodbye
In the aftermath of Eric’s death, Michelle, Sarah and Lindy Olsen struggle over where he is to be buried.

Pulling Up Stakes
When Hannah is charged with theft, Corporal Brian Fletcher is called in to take over the investigation.

Bertha upsets Teevee and Elsie when she returns from school and wants to reclaim her baby. Meanwhile Gerry is forced to choose – bankruptcy or a partnership with Rosie..

The Cure
Peter suspects Albert of wrong-doing, when Betty Moses (Tantoo Cardinal) chooses Lynx River as the site of her new Treatment Centre.

A Rock and A Hard Place
Michelle is angered when Corp. Brian Fletcher takes over the investigation of the vandalized Treatment Centre..

Spin Dry
The town splits over Betty Moses’ radical new vision for the Treatment Centre; while Michelle and Hannah take a trip out on the land.

You Can’t Get There From Here
Betty Moses recommends a reluctant Sarah to work with a troubled Treatment Centre; Peter takes Teevee to Yellowknife for a job interview. Michelle must mediate between Brian and Betty when a convicted felon is admitted to the Treatment Centre.

The Gift
Michelle and Brian try to bust Nathan for bootlegging; while Albert tries to scuttle Sarah’s new position at the Treatment Centre. Peter and Ellen are forced to make a painful decision when Peter is offered a job in Ottawa.

The Ties That bind
A native artist creates havoc when he arrives in Lynx River.

Break Dance
Michelle’s attempt to shut down Nathan’s bootlegging creates problems for Teevee. Lois leaves Harris for the new artist in town. Albert’s refusal to intervene in Nathan’s bootlegging threatens his relationship with Sarah.

While Teevee avenges his mother’s humiliation at the bands Ben Montour, Lynx River experiences the full force of Albert’s rage. Michelle finally busts Nathan.

A mysterious stranger (Adam Beach) intervenes in Teevee’s jobs. And Leon and Gerry vie for Rosie’s time.

The Hunt
Albert and Ben return to Lynx River. Nevada and Joey go hunting. Teevee flees from Nathan.

Life’s A Memory
Hysteria grips Lynx River when it is discovered that Nevada is HIV positive. Montour is finally inspired.

The Trial
Michelle pressures Teevee to testify against Nathan. Sarah makes plans to leave Lynx River. Teevee becomes jealous of Joey’s relationship with Bertha.