Season 2 | North of 60


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Season 2

Bless This House
Sarah’s estranged father turns up after a twenty year absence and opens old wounds; Teevee finds he’s no longer the leader of the Lynx River pack. Meanwhile, Michelle and Hannah have trouble adjusting to their new home.

Ciao Baby
Peter gambles with the town’s future when two Italian furriers arrive looking to make a deal. Meanwhile, Bertha and Teevee’s relationship gets complicated.

Miles to Go
Eric and Joe’s search for two missing hikers turns into another kind of quest entirely. And when the women in town make an attempt to reach out to Sarah, everyone lives to regret it.

Lives are on the line when Eric and Michelle grapple with a hostage drama.

Still haunted by the LeBret shooting, Michelle takes a hard look at her future. Meanwhile, Peter plays hardball in order to keep the tannery project alive.

Eric and Michelle are caught by surprise when rumours about them begin to circulate around town; Sarah has trouble at work and Teevee gets a job.

Lost Weekend
A misdiagnosis pushes Sarah over the emotional edge. Meanwhile, Michelle becomes involved with a visiting archeologist and government cutbacks threaten the future of the tannery.

An escaped convict turns his thirst for revenge into a twisted game of survival — and Eric into an unwilling player.

Maps and Dreams
Eric travels to Edmonton to visit a withdrawn Sarah. Back in Lynx River, Michelle and David move their friendship into deeper waters, and the town pressures Gerry to commit to the tannery.

Born Again
Sarah feels threatened when a replacement nurse arrives in Lynx River.

Crossing the River
Sarah wanders across the river and into a new life, while Michelle and David’s relationship deepens. Meanwhile Teevee copes with fatherhood and a new job.

Follow the Leader
Albert and Peter face off for control of the tannery; Teevee tries his hand at political pressure when the kids in Lynx River lobby for their own hockey rink.

Two anti-fur activists arrive in Lynx River with a mission: they’d like to shut down the tannery.

All Fall Down
The tannery’s future is threatened when money problems in Italy find their way to Lynx River.

Lynx River struggles to repair broken dreams in the aftermath of the Tannery’s collapse.

The Getting of Wisdom
Lynx River’s election turns friends into enemies and splits the town. Meanwhile, Eric realizes he’s losing touch with his kids.