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Michele Henry

Michele is a 45 year old married woman who describes herself as a positive, happy person who tries hard. She works as a clerk at Children of the Earth School. She is 5’1 and weighs 211 lbs, and feels ‘horrible’, Michele’s goal would be to lose about 50 pounds in the six month duration of the program.

Michele would describe her weight gain as: she is an emotional eater and uses to food to calm her emotions and she believes that will be her downfall during the program. Asides wanting to lose weight she describes her low iron intake and lack of energy as inspirations to help succeed. She says she wants to help inspire others.

Elizabeth Denny

Elizabeth is 38 year old single mother of one daughter. She would describe herself as a large, open, funny and warm person. She is self-employed and loves to sing and play guitar. She is 5’5 and 270lbs, she feels ‘uncomfortable in her own skin’ and would like to improve her health.

Aside from obesity being genetic, Elizabeth feels childhood trauma has been a factor in her weight gain and uses the weight as a shield.  She feels her lack of motivation is her own worst enemy, but feels she will be able to succeed in a high pressure yet supportive environment. Elizabeth believes she will influence those she encounters every day to want to lose weight; “She can do it, then so can I…” Elizabeth wants to be able to live a long healthy life.

Krystal Beel

Krystal is a single 23 year old mother of a 4 old year old boy. Her mother is Leann who participated in Fit First season 1. She would describe herself as a funny, strong, happy and a smart woman. Krystal works as a community justice worker. Krystal is 5’7 and weighs 280 lbs. She believes her weight gain is due being pregnant, not having lost any of her “baby weight,” no exercise and poor food choices.

Since obesity is genetic and runs in Krystal’s family she fears that there is a huge possibility she could get diabetes. Asides her health concerns she wants to lose weight so she can be the best mom she can be, also she is planning a trip to New York to go shopping. She is willing to try anything to achieve these goals. Ultimately 50-70 pounds is what she would like to lose. By appearing on Fit First Krystal would like to show viewers “you can do anything no matter what.”

Geri Von Ramin

Geri is a retired 63 year old mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who would describe herself as a community activist for family, women, and disabled people. She is 5’4 and 185 lbs and ‘feels unhealthy.’ Geri has no specific number of how much weight she would like to lose but this is something she would like to do for herself.

Geri believes part of her weight gain would be due to the fact she has lost a job, is living on a fixed income with no flexibility for a gym membership. Geri has noticed since she gained weight she has been chronically sick and is on medication, she would like for this to stop. Aside from wanting to be and feel healthy, Geri would like to lose weight because this lifestyle is aggravating on her arthritis. She believes her age and weight will be appealing to viewers and will influence others.