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Season 4

Episode 1- Larissa Crooks
Marcie’s absence leaves a power vacuum at the firm. When Vivian jumps in, her actions threaten their case against a doctor who’s accused of sterilizing patients, causing tensions to reach a boiling point.
Episode 2- Basil Allen
When a client goes missing, Marcie launches a search across the Atlantic provinces. Vivian makes Doug an offer that causes him to question his future at Marcie Diggs and Associates.
Episode 3- Donald Kitpu Christmas
The firm’s case against a nun who’s accused of abuse at Indian day schools unearths tragic elements of Doug’s past. Conflict sparks between Marcie and the Clawfords over the death of a migrant worker.
Episode 4- Trudy Willis
Stakes run high when Marcie and the team bring a wrongful death suit against Goldenview Farms, a megafarm run by the ruthless Clawford family. Meanwhile, love is in the air as Doug and Michelle retie the knot.
Episode 5- Marcie Diggs
Marcie faces off against old friends and foes during her professional responsibility hearing. Doug and Ellery get a firsthand look at how the Clawfords deal with their enemies.
Episode 6- Cruz Diaz
Escalating conflict between Marcie and Vivian places the future of Marcie Diggs and Associates at risk. The Clawfords enact an endgame to neutralize Marcie’s threat to their business.