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Season 1

Episode 1- Willy MacIsaac
Marcie faces off against a former colleague in her defence of Willy MacIsaac, a low-income dad accused of drunk driving. Marcie also struggles with her anger towards the pastor she believes drove her aunt to take her own life.
Episode 2- Renee Joy
An activist lawyer jeopardizes the future of Marcie’s musically gifted teen client. Meanwhile, Doug’s past is dredged up and Marcie and Carson struggle to keep their jobs from coming between them.
Episode 3- Taisir Ahmed
Marcie races to find her client when he gets taken away by law enforcement. Meanwhile, Pam scrambles to track down a new home for her pregnant client and Leah ignores Marcie’s advice on workplace relationships.
Episode 4- Delroy Nelson
Marcie goes to extreme lengths to protect her client when his plea deal is taken away. Reggie’s divorce case pushes him to re-evaluate his own marriage. Colleen and Gregor use Doug as a pawn in their political games.
Episode 5- Nikki LeBlanc
Marcie’s defence of a teenager takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Doug represents Pam’s sister, Sam, in a discrimination hearing at the university.
Episode 6- Kim Bond
Marcie fights to help a young mother diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome regain custody of her infant son. Meanwhile, Avery gets in the way of Marcie and Carson’s rekindled relationship.