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Season 3

Episode 1 - Nina Francis
Marcie defends a continuing care assistant who is charged with assault and criminal negligence following an incident with a patient’s daughter. Meanwhile, Doug and Iris fight for an unborn Indigenous child to remain in the care of the family.
Episode 2 - Jojo Carvery
Marcie represents Jojo Carvery, an older Black woman from Africville who is facing a life sentence in prison. Meanwhile, a simple DUI case is complicated by Colleen’s loud-mouthed client and Doug’s ex-wife, Michelle, reenters his life.
Episode 3 - Percy Lincoln
Marcie defends Percy Lincoln, who is accused of killing an off-duty officer in self-defense. The case causes Marcie to question her future at Halifax Legal Aid. In an effort to impress his students, Reggie loses sight of what’s best for his client.
Episode 4 - Enter Vivian Jefferson
After leaving Halifax Legal Aid, Marcie searches for investors in a new venture. She soon catches the attention of tech entrepreneur Vivian Jefferson, who may just be the perfect benefactor. Meanwhile, shifts within Halifax Legal Aid change the team immensely.
Episode 5 - Ivy Maloney
Marcie represents a group of Indigenous and Black women in a class-action lawsuit against the province’s birth alert policy. Meanwhile, Colleen takes a seat on the other side of the bench and Avery is confronted by the consequences of his past actions.
Episode 6 - Miles Jones
In a David-versus-Goliath case, Marcie works with the survivors and families who lost loved ones in a church shooting as she takes on the platform that she believes radicalized the killer. Meanwhile, Reggie comes into conflict with a tenured professor.
Episode 7 - Christian Spry
Marcie represents a sexual assault victim in a human rights case after the police botch the investigation. Meanwhile, Velma, Avery and Reverend Cliff Crawley work together to right a 20-year-old wrong, and Avery soon discovers he has his work cut out for him.
Episode 8 - Riley Seaver
Marcie defends a young Olympic-level swimmer in a defamation case after she implicates her coach in the death of her best friend and teammate, Dianne Winston. Avery takes on a wrongful conviction case against a seemingly untouchable opponent.