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Season 2

Episode 1- Vince Hu
Tensions in the community reach a fever pitch when Marcie defends rookie cop Vince Hu after a high-speed car chase leaves a respected member of their community dead. What at first looks like a simple case soon becomes a lot more complicated.
Episode 2 - Cheryl Syllilboy
Marcie defends Cheryl Syllilboy, a young Indigenous woman who is accused of killing a white army cadet. When the prosecution offers Cheryl a deal, she refuses. As Marcie preps for her first jury trial, it becomes clear that selecting the right jurors is key.
Episode 3 - Willy MacIsaac Redux
Marcie’s previous client, Willy MacIsaac, comes back for help after he’s accused of murdering his ex-wife. When Willy insists on pleading guilty, Marcie becomes suspicious. Meanwhile, Doug defends a nurse who is accused of stealing from an elderly patient.
Episode 4 - Tanya Ferreira
Marcie defends Tanya Ferreira, a transgender grocery store employee who was set up by her married boss, Lonnie, to take the fall for his seafood-stealing operation. Marcie soon realizes that Tanya’s feelings for Lonnie are stopping her from defending herself.
Episode 5 - Vi Bayley
Marcie finds herself in the crosshairs of a gang war when she defends Vi Bayley, a salon owner who is accused of assaulting a gang member. Marcie’s defence strategy runs her afoul of gang leader Bragga, who warns her to back off or face the consequences.
Episode 6 - Dani Ewing
Marcie represents Dani Ewing, a white woman who is accused of setting fires to homes in the historic Black community of North Preston. Although Dani professes her innocence, her erratic behaviour leaves Marcie feeling doubtful.