Season 3 | Chuck and the First Peoples Kitchen


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Season 3

Episode 1- Mashteuiatsh, QC - Moose Hunting in Winter
Chuck travels to Mashteuiatsh to meet Frederick Raphaël and his son Charlie, both avid hunters. Together, they drive to the family’s chalet in Ashuapmushuan, where they practice one of their favourite wildlife activities: hunting and field dressing a moose.
Episode 2- Wikwemikong, ON. - Traditional Ice Fishing with Nets
Chuck drives to Wikwemikong First Nation in Ontario, where he learns how to ice fish the traditional way with a jigger. Russell, an experienced fisherman, teaches him all about the ice jigger, a device invented by Indigenous fishermen in the early 1900s.
Episode 3- Nipissing, ON. - Wild White Rabbit Snaring
Chuck travels to Nipissing, where he learns how to build snares and hunt wild rabbit. During his visit, he meets Lana Chevrier, an Anishinaabe woman with a passion for cooking. Lana runs a local catering business that specializes in small game meats.
Episode 4- Baie -Trinité, QC - Snow Crab Fishing
Chuck travels to Baie-Trinité and meets Norbert Fontaine, a skilled boat captain from the Innu community of Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam. Chuck joins Captain Fontaine and his sons on a snow crab fishing adventure, where he learns how to prepare bait for crab traps.
Episode 5- Nemaska, North-of-Québec - Duck Hunting
Chuck heads to the Cree community of Nemaska to meet wildlife technician Anderson Jolly. Anderson eagerly shows Chuck how to hunt and prepare wild duck! Back on the shore, they help James Wapachee and Elder Mary Jolly build a smoker with tree branches.
Episode 6- Winnipeg, MB - Metis Culture and Food Desert
Chuck visits Winnipeg, home to the largest urban Indigenous population in Canada, and learns all about Métis cuisine. He meets with passionate Indigenous residents who help make the city a better place with the help of a community oven.
Episode 7- Natashquan, QC - Traditional Lobster Fishing
Chuck visits Nutashkuan, where he learns how to go lobster fishing the traditional Innu way. During his visit, he meets Edouard Kaltush, who proudly shows him how to make an artisanal harpoon and how to cook bannock under the sand.
Episode 8- Mistissini, QC - Fishing Trip
Chuck travels to Mistissini, where an extraordinary fishing experience awaits him on the largest natural lake in Quebec. He meets Conrad Mianscum, Mistissini’s tourism planner, who tells him all about this growing community of close to 4,000 people.
Episode 9- Mattagami First Nation, ON. - Harvesting, Fishing and Sharing with the Elders
In Mattagami, Chuck meets Betty Naveau, a community member who shares knowledge and traditions with the younger generation. They take a trip to the woods to harvest medicinal plants and visit a hatchery that preserves the lake’s fish population.
Episode 10- Inukjuak, North-of-Québec - Seal Hunting
In Inukjuak, one of the largest communities in Nunavik, Chuck learns all about seal hunting. For local residents, seal and caribou are the two main sources of food.
Episode 11- Ekuanitshit, QC - Whelk Fishing
In Ekuanitshit, Chuck learns all about harvesting and cooking whelk, a tasty sea snail. He meets Rita Mestokosho, a writer, poet and councillor for culture and education in the Innu Nation. Then, Chuck meets Guy Vigneault, the director of a 10-boat fleet.
Episode 12- Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation , SK - Elk Hunting
Chuck travels to the prairies to hunt one of the region’s most emblematic animals, the elk. He joins the Yuzicapi family, who have been hunting elk for decades and have turned it into a tradition.
Episode 13- Inukjuak, North-of-Québec - Muskox Hunting
Chuck visits Nunavik, where he hunts muskox during the summer alongside a community Elder. Together, they follow a herd next to the water and then cook their prey the traditional way.