Season 2 | Chuck and the First Peoples Kitchen


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Season 2

Episode 1- Rapid Lake - Ice Fishing
Chuck visits Rapid Lake, where he and David Thusky set up an ice fishing camp. After a cold day, they grill some fish!
Episode 2- Wemotaci - Hare Trapping
Chuck travels to the Atikamekw community of Wemotaci, where he joins Roselin Awashish on a trapping adventure.
Episode 3- Wolf Lake - Beaver Trapping
Chuck travels to Wolf Lake, where Brenda St. Denis and James Jr. St. Denis teach him how to trap and cook a beaver.
Episode 4- Pikogan - Pike Fishing
Chuck sails Lake Abitibi with Alex Mapachee, where they fish for pike using a traditional cast-net fishing method.
Episode 5- Odanak - Fiddlehead Picking
Chuck visits Bécancour and Odanak, where he learns to use traditional ingredients in contemporary dishes.
Episode 6- Wildlife Reserve in La Vérendrye - Wild Turkey Hunting
Chuck meets Tommy Labelle at La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve, where they hunt for wild turkey and fish for pike.
Episode 7- Mashteuiatsh - Landlocked Salmon Fishing
Chuck visits Mashteuiatsh to fish landlocked salmon and learn about its importance to this Innu community.
Episode 8- Gesgapegiag - Clam Harvesting
Chuck meets Quentin Condo in Gesgapegiag, where they harvest clams on the beach and make a seafood clambake.
Episode 9- Odanak - Sturgeon Fishing
Chuck visits Odanak and meets Luc Nolett, who takes him fishing on Lac Saint-Pierre and teaches him all about sturgeon.
Episode 10- Timiskaming First Nation - Traditional Foraging
Chuck learns about The Wild Basket, an initiative that brings traditional foraging techniques to future generations.
Episode 11- Montréal - Urban Foraging and Meal Preparation
Chuck visits Resilience, a shelter in Montreal, and works with staff to prepare a great feast for community members.
Episode 12- Kahnawake - Strawberry Harvesting
In Kahnawake, Chuck makes Haudenosaunee recipes using strawberries and corn, two culturally important ingredients.
Episode 13- Dokis First Nation - Junk Fish Fishing and Bush Cooking
Chuck visits the French River area, where Norman Dokis teaches him about the forgotten fish species his ancestors ate