Season 1 | Chuck and the First Peoples Kitchen


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Season 1

Episode 1- Beaver and Maple Syrup
Chuck visits Kitigan Zibi where he experiences beaver tail with maple syrup.
Episode 2- Arctic Char
Chuck visits Iqaluit to experience the flavors of the Arctic and famous Arctic char.
Episode 3 - Ptarmigan
In Iqaluit, Chuck experiences Ptarmigan hunting and visits Qajuqturvik centre.
Episode 4 - Wild Geese
Chuck visits Pikogan where he experiences goose hunting and cooks burgers with the hunters.
Episode 5 - Lobster
Chuck visits Gesgapegiac where he fishes and cooks lobsters over a wood fire, along with seaweed from the beach.
Episode 6 - Salmon
Chuck visits Gesgapegiac where he experiences Atlantic salmon fishing and cooking.
Episode 7 - Walleye
Chuck visits Waswanipi where he fishes and cook walleye.
Episode 8 - Blueberry Paste and Partridge
Chuck visits Manawan where he learns how to make blueberry paste, and hunt partridge.
Episode 9 - Soup of Three Sisters
Chuck visits Six Nations where he learns how to make the “Three Sisters” soup.
Episode 10 - Urban Indigenous Kitchen
Chuck visits Toronto and learn more about urban indigenous kitchen.
Episode 11 - Wild Rice
Chuck visits Wikwemikong and experiences wild rice recipes.
Episode 12 - Moose Hunting
Chuck is invited in Miawpukek for a moose hunt with community members.
Episode 13 - Eel
Chuck visits Scotchfort where he fishes and cook eel.