Season 4 | Uakallanga


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Season 4

Episode 01: Big As a Whale
In this episode, mother-daughter duo Jo Ellen Etuangat and Taukie Etuangat make a child’s growth chart on a canvas with the design of a narwhal and its long ivory tusk. This design can be made at home with some craft supplies and a great imagination.
Episode 02: Uasau Soap
Host Teena Kakee visits the home of Justin and Bernice Clark, the husband and wife who founded Uasau Soap. This blooming Iqaluit business makes a variety of products using oils from the bowhead whale, including salves, insect repellents and shampoos.
Episode 03: Miniature Gear
Teena Kakee learns about seal skins with John Eetuk. Inuit use seal skins for their shelter, clothing, tools and more. Preparing the seal skins is a laborious rite of passage for women, taking weeks or months to complete.
Episode 04: Hunting Pants
In this episode, Teena Kakee visits Jeannie Padluq in Kimmirut, Nvt. Together, they hand-sew seal skin hunting pants. Padluq is an active community member who teaches aspiring seamstresses how to make hunting gear.
Episode 05: COVID and Seal Masks
In 2020, masks became a necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and our Nunavut seamstresses quickly began making them. Teena Kakee visits Peepeelee Arlooktook to make face masks and check out the more decorative masks Arlooktook has made.
Episode 06: High Kick Stand
Teena Kakee visits Jimmy Merkosak at Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park in Iqaluit to learn how to make a high kick stand with a signature seal target. She also tries some challenging high kick games, including the one-foot high kick and the two-foot high kick.
Episode 07: Ornate Necklace
Artists have a remarkable way of turning scrap materials into something more elaborate. In this episode, Teena Kakee makes an ornate necklace with Susa Qappik using materials from previous projects.
Episode 08: Ajaraq Boards
While visiting Iqaluit, Elizabeth Nauyuk teaches Teena Kakee the string games that were passed to her as a young child. String games have been part of Inuit culture for many generations, and it is important that they be preserved for others to enjoy.
Episode 09: Caribou Tufting
Teena Kakee and Mary Qingnatuq make a wall hanging with caribou tufting, one of the many creative ways Inuit use caribou in Taloyoak, Nvt. This once again outlines how Inuit create beautiful pieces using leftover materials.
Episode 10: Hanging Accessories
Teena Kakee and Vikki Amaaq create art pieces, a mini seal skin hat and dangling seal skin mitts with recycled skins from previous projects. Inuit seamstresses are constantly coming up with new and creative ways to use seal skins in their pieces.
Episode 11: Fish Bones
Elder Leesee Mary Kakee teaches Teena Kakee the names of animal parts, specifically fish head bones, during a visit to the community of Pangnirtung.
Episode 12: Inugannguat Seal Flipper Bones
Iqaluit Elder Alice Joamie teaches Teena Kakee the names of seal flipper bones along with an old game she played with her siblings that consisted of seal flipper bones and a hand-sewn seal skin sack.
Episode 13: Taluaq, Seal Hunting Screen
Geeold Kakkik of Pangnirtung shows us how he fashions one of his many hunting tools, including a seal hunting screen called “taluaq.” The screen has many features that all serve one important purpose: to camouflage against the snow while hunting.