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Season 3

Episode 1- Sunburst Mother Hubbard
Teena Kakee travels to Cambridge Bay to learn from Evelyn Kitigon how to make a, true to region, mother hubbard parka with a sunburst hood.
Episode 2- Arts and Crafts
Teena Kakee is in Arviat to learn from Susan Karetak how to make slippers out of a quilt.
Episode 3- Puukammaluk - Men's Hunting Bag
Teena is still in Arviat. Sheila Nungnik teaches her how to make a puukammaluk – men’s hunting bag.
Episode 4- Women's Crochet, Set & Paint
Teena learns to crochet a child’s hat, create a seal skin ulu case and paint an canvas coaster.
Episode 5- Illuuq Sling & Niuqtuut Drill
In this episode Teena is in Naujaat, Nunavut with David Nuluk who teaches her how to make a drill out of caribou parts. Susan Nuluk shows Teena how to make a seal skin sling shot.
Episode 6- Tusk/Horn
Teena is with Geela Nakashuk of Iqaluit to make a stuffed raven. Teena attended the Northern Lights Trade Show in Ottawa and interviwed Elisapee Avingaq.
Episode 7- Tupiq - Canvas Tent
Teena tries her sewing hands with Hannah Stoney of Iqaluit to make an impressive 8-person canvas tent.
Episode 8- Imilluqtaut & Nurluqtaut
Teena is with David Nuluk of Naujaat making an imilluqtaut, a perpetual button-string game and a nurluqtaut, a challenging rod bullseye into a bowhead whale bone riddled with holes.
Episode 9- Qauruti/Inunnguaq Doll
Teena is with Kately Kalai of Coral Harbour to make a qauruti, a woman’s head band with dangling beads. Teena is also in Taloyoak with Mary Arnigniq Qingnaqtuk to make an Inuk doll.
Episode 10- Packing Doll
Teena is in Taloyoak with Koonook Oleekatalik to make a traditional packing doll.
Episode 11- Ipirautaq – Whip
This episode features Susan Nuluk of Naujaat as she prepares a bearded seal skin for her husband, David Nuluk, who makes a whip used for his dog team.
Episode 12- Summer Amauti
Teena is with Kathleen Nester of Coral Harbour making a lovely summer amauti.
Episode 13- Pana – Machete
Teena is with David Nanook of Taloyoak as he makes an igloo building machete.