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Season 2

Episode 1- Acadia First Nation – Wildcat, NS
In the heart of Acadia First Nation, Shawn meets a father-daughter duo who are building a traditional birch canoe and visits ancient stories carved in stone. During a spirit session, a family reunites with their loved ones and a grieving woman is comforted.
Episode 2- Woodstock First Nation, NB
Shawn explores an old trail system and searches for arrowheads along the river. A powerful reading with three sisters revisits the tragic death of their brother. A reluctant participant connects with a brother he never had the chance to grow up with.
Episode 3- Kingsclear First Nation, NB
Shawn travels to Wolastoq in Kingsclear where he meets the Maliseet People. He pounds ash for baskets and plays softball. At a reading, a family seeks answers about the sudden death of their son and a woman confirms her spiritual ties to her father.
Episode 4- Metepenagiag First Nation, NB
Shawn fulfills a lifelong dream and enjoys a feast of plamu in Miarmichi, N.B. A family receives spirit messages of love and strength after grieving three losses in two years. A young woman with health issues gets a boost from her grandmother’s spirit.
Episode 5- Esgenoopetitj First Nation, NB
On the coast of New Brunswick, Shawn discovers a new ceremonial plant and harvests fresh clams with local residents. In a spirit session, a woman gets an apology from her husband and a skeptic is shocked when Shawn connects with her grandmother.
Episode 6- Lennox Island First Nation, PEI
Shawn travels to Lennox Island, P.E.I., to visit a lobster fishery. He shares powerful messages of love and strength with a young father and the spirit of a grandmother is eager to connect with her granddaughter.
Episode 7- Eel Ground First Nation, NB
Shawn heads to Natoaganeg First Nation to hunt in the bush and to learn how to cook moose roast. In a spiritual reading, Shawn confirms that the spirit of a brother intervened to save a dying sister’s life.
Episode 8- Potletek First Nation, NS
Shawn travels to Chapel Island and learns about the sacred history of the Mi’kmaq. At the local primary school, traditional learning is embraced. During a spirit session, a grandfather connects with his granddaughter and a chief reaches out to his daughters.
Episode 9- Wagmatcook First Nation, NS
Shawn visits Bras d’Or Lake, a stunning inland sea in Nova Scotia. The local community plays exciting games of Waltes and enjoys enticing blends of Mi’kmaw tunes and traditional music. Sean helps a grieving brother and sends messages of love to a family.
Episode 10- Waycobah First Nation, NS
Shawn tries his hand at the intricate art of quilling. Later he harvests some wild oysters with a local expert. In a private reading, a sister gains insight of the night her brother passed and a woman conquering her addictions finds renewed strength.
Episode 11- Paq’tnkek First Nation, NS
Shawn spears eels with the Eel Man himself and later tastes them at a community feast. In a reading, a man who took his own life reaches out to his mother and asks for forgiveness. An emotional reunion of “three amigos” urges a sister to walk a sober path.
Episode 12- Pictou Landing First Nation, NS
Shawn joins a cathartic water healing ceremony before the clean-up of Boat Harbour begins. A reading with three sisters reveals their complicated relationship with their mother and a questioning mother is comforted by the spirit of her teenage son.
Episode 13- Glooscap First Nation, NS
Shawn connects with a young and passionate climate change activist in the Annapolis Valley. A reading with a mother and daughter brings strength after many traumas. A last-minute decision to attend a reading pays off in a big way for one man.