Season 3 | Songs from the Inside


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Season 3

Episode 1
From the Inside: Arriving at Christchurch Women’s Prison and Men’s Prison, 4 musicians, Anika Moa, Troy Kingi, Ladi6 and Scribe meet the students who are to be mentored through a unique songwriting journey.
Episode 2
Mana / Freedom: The class gets off to a rocky start as one of the inmates is removed from the prison. The students receive their books and write their first songs on the personal theme on what freedom means to them.
Episode 3
Maia / Courage: Getting deeper into the songwriting process, the lesson focuses on courage and writing a ‘hook’ in song. Some pressure is added with a new challenge; writing a song in a new musical genre.
Episode 4
Whakapono / Belief is the song-writing theme for the week. This inspires the songwriters to share some personal moments and truths with each other.
Episode 5
Manaaki / Support: Students' workshop lyrics and music under the theme of support/manaaki. The recording process gets underway, putting the words to music on a demo track, getting them ready for their big recording day.
Episode 6
Aroha / Love: This weeks theme of 'love' sparks discussions around the people they love; partners, children, friends and loving themselves. They listen to their recorded demos and give each other feedback.
Episode 7
Tūmanako / Hope: Producer Damien Rarere visits the prison to help prepare the men for their recording. Two of the women have a parole hearing and have a release date set, making the week’s theme of hope relevant.
Episode 8
Recording Day - Women’s Group: Wing 2 Studios is set up as a recording studio at Christchurch Women's Prison and the women lay down their vocal tracks with musicians. They face some recording challenges and confidence challenges.
Episode 9
Recording Day - Men’s Group: Matapuna Solitary Unit is set up as a makeshift studio to record the men’s songs. Overcoming the fear of failure and figuring out the musical arrangements are all part of the challenge.
Episode 10
The Showcase: Fully invested in their students, the mentors visit the prison for the final session to showcase their songs to the wider group. It is a rich and emotional experience, ending in high spirits.