Season 1 | Songs from the Inside


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Season 1

Episode 1
Four musicians enter New Zealand prisons to teach songwriting and uncover bigger lessons as prisoners reveal the real stories behind their music.
Episode 2
Lesson One prompts startling revelations and a turn of the tables when students help Anika Moa find answers to her own past.
Episode 3
The first strands of talent begin to appear as students warm to music sessions; confront tough choices and a songbird emerges.
Episode 4
Mothers behind bars admit the pain they caused their children; men put emotions on the line; and a surprising door opens for one.
Episode 5
Walls continue to crumble as students discover the power of the pen; and dreams and demons appear in their first attempt at songwriting.
Episode 6
Mid-course blues open disturbing pasts while a surprise visit by Corrections top brass inspires one man’s road to freedom.
Episode 7
Prison reality hits with severe consequences while the challenge of life beyond bars prompts unsettling confessions.
Episode 8
The journey to rock bottom ignites new beginnings as students continue to confront their worst and begin the climb to honest songwriting.
Episode 9
Students reveal the real stories behind their songs and are faced with their inner critic as they listen to their demo recordings.
Episode 10
Prisoners pine for their kids and families and talk about their hopes for the future. Lyrics and inspiration comes from unexpected places.
Episode 11
The last lesson delivers another challenge when artists and students decide whether to give it all and then give it up for charity.
Episode 12
Nerves and harmony duet as songs are recorded inside; and the students’ head outside to master prison songs into studio soundtracks.
Episode 13
An emotional finale where artists return for the last and prisoners hear their songs for the first time. An unforgettable conclusion to a journey through creative songwriting.