Season 2 | Songs from the Inside


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Season 2

Episode 1
Sharing their memories of music, we are introduced to the prisoners who share their hopes and apprehensions with participating in the songwriting project.
Episode 2
Beginnings: We find out more about the prisoners, as they workshop their lyrics, musical ideas and share their difficult life-stories.
Episode 3
Freedom: Trouble in the yard undermines one prisoner's battle to stay on track while others struggle to find anything positive to say about themselves. They learn about song structure and share songs that they have written.
Episode 4
Choices: Mothers behind bars admit the shattering effect on their children, men put emotions on the line and a surprise visit from artist, Young Sid, taps into the rap.
Episode 5
Commitment: Artists crank up the volume to unlock the songs and throw prisoners out of their comfort zones with first performances.
Episode 6
Courage: The old demons return to haunt as prisoners confront sins, betrayals and find the courage to turn truths into songs from the heart.
Episode 7
Integrity: An attack of nerves sees first efforts ditched and new songs rise as prisoners begin to question the honesty of their work.
Episode 8
Hope: The final lesson and a surprise twist excites and terrifies as prisoners face the pressure of professional recordings with studio experts.
Episode 9
The students visit a professional recording studio to lay down their songs. Nerves and confidence issues are ripe. It is a dream come true, to record a song professionally.
Episode 10
The artists return to the prisons and the final songs are revealed in this emotional finale; the students hard work, creativity and commitment are acknowledged. A huge sense of achievement and pride is in the air.