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Season 3

Episode 1- The Return of Buffalo
On a quest to learn about the importance of the buffalo to the Samson Cree Nation, Shayla visits Maskwacis, where she learns about the Buffalo Treaty and how knowledge of the buffalo is passed on to younger generations.
Episode 2- Beguiling Goblins
Shayla travels to Chestnut Ridge where paranormal phenomenon is widespread. She learns that there is a whole fey world in the region of the Laurel Highlands and tries to determine whether or not goblins are the same entity as the Indigenous little people.
Episode 3- Liken to Lycan
Delving deep in the world of lycans, Shayla embarks on a quest to uncover whether werewolves really exist and if they hold any relation to shape-shifters or similarities with dogmen.
Episode 4- Where the Warm Wind Blows
Shayla takes a deeper look at the well-known phenomenon of warm chinook winds and their importance to local Indigenous people. She speaks with Elder Duane Mistakenchief about this unique occurrence and its significance in Blackfoot culture.
Episode 5- Flaps of Thunder
Shayla learns that thunderbirds may be more than a Pacific Northwest legend. Doc sends her to explore the Keystone area where thunderbird sightings have been reported, but before she leaves, Shayla speaks with an expert to determine the likelihood.
Episode 6- Mystifying Mothman
Doc sends Shayla to investigate the town of Point Pleasant’s legendary Mothman, where she learns the truth about Chief Cornstalk, the creature he released, and the town he allegedly hexed.
Episode 7- Circumstance of Circle Stamps
Shayla is astonished to discover that a mysterious phenomenon that pops up around the globe has appeared close to her home in Red Deer, Alta. Doc sends her to document and report on crop circles.
Episode 8- Out of This World
Shayla sets out to determine if there really is a connection between Bigfoot and UFO sightings. Her first stop is in Kecksburg, where she speaks with ufologist Stan Gordon about the infamous and widely reported UFO sighting that occurred on Dec. 9, 1965.
Episode 9- Confounds by Mounds
Shayla travels to Serpent Mound, the largest effigy mound in North America. She learns about the different forms of effigy mounds and the people who built these wondrous ancient earthworks.
Episode 10- Birds of a Different Feather
Doc sends Shayla to Vancouver Island where a unique bird known as the white raven has been spotted numerous times over the years. Shayla learns about the white raven from Haida artist April White.
Episode 11- Dancing Lights
Doc sends Shayla to Waterton Lakes National Park, well-known for its dark skies, to catch a glimpse of the northern lights.
Episode 12- Sacred Circles
Doc wants Shayla to learn about the importance of medicine wheels. Shayla visits the Royal Alberta Museum which has a good exhibit on the sacred circles. She travels to Kanai Blood Reserve and speaks with Blair First Rider about the spiritual metaphors.
Episode 13- Wendigo, Witiko & When to Go
Doc tells Shayla to document the evil spirit known as Wendigo. He sends her to visit Kenora, Ont. which is known as the Wendigo capital of the world. Shayla speaks with Knowledge Keeper Ron Mandamin about Wendigo and its history with his people.