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Season 2

Episode 1- Howling in the Holler
Tom tells Shayla to go to Kentucky to check out mysterious livestock maulings that were allegedly done by a creature known as the Waddy Werewolf.
Episode 2- Fear of Fairies
Tom asks Shayla if she’s heard about a thing called fey realm. He mentions vague details of a guy who went missing on Bell Island and wants Shayla to go there to find out what happened.
Episode 3- The Trouble with Trimble
Tom Jackson sends Shayla to Cryptid Con where believers of all things unknown gather to prove and discuss cryptids such as Sasquatch, dogman, and UFOs.
Episode 4- Crescent Presence
Tom sends Shayla to Robert’s Arm to check out a lake monster known as Cressie. He asks her to find out what this creature is and if it actually exists.
Episode 5- Lakeshore Dogman
Tom sends Shayla to Michigan to check out the Michigan Dogman. He reveals that most sightings occur near water. In fact, a lot of sightings have been around Lake Michigan.
Episode 6- Get Kraken!
Tom sends Shayla to find out about the giant squid that have been found in the cold, Atlantic waters.
Episode 7- Whoop, There it is!
Tom sends Shayla to Kentucky to find out about Bigfoot and see if the creature is the same entity that people are seeing in Canada.
Episode 8- Fairies in the Rock
Tom sends Shayla to the East Coast to see if their fairies are evil like the Bell Island fairies or if they are the same entity as Little People.
Episode 9- A Muddy Save
Tom tells Shayla to go further down the Pacific Northwest and see if the people are seeing the same Sasquatch as she has found in other places. He tells her to go visit the Yakama Nation.
Episode 10- Nanabijou - The Sleeping Giant
Tom tells Shayla that the Ojibwa legends in Thunder Bay are worth checking out. In particular, he wants her to go find out about and see The Sleeping Giant.
Episode 11- Princess Green Mantle
While in Thunder Bay, Shayla calls Tom and asks if she can stay to check out a second legend in nearby, Kakabeka Falls.
Episode 12- Kingsoo
Tom sends Shayla to Cold Lake, Alberta to learn about the legend of the great fish that lives in the Lake known as Kinosoo.
Episode 13- Bob Gimlin, the Legend Behind the Legend
Tom tells Shayla to go meet the Legend behind Bigfoot and talk to Bob Gimlin. Bob was one of the eyewitnesses of “Patty” in the Patterson-Gimlin film, which is the first video footage of Bigfoot.