Season 7 | Moosemeat & Marmalade


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Season 7

Episode 1 - Fishing the Grand
Six Nations of the Grand River is home to all six branches of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Art and Dan meet chef Tawnya Brant of Yawékon, explore the Kayanase Native Plant Nursery and visit the site of the Land Back camp.
Episode 2 - Whistler Ice Fishing
Art and Dan attempt cross-country skiing in Whistler, despite their challenges with staying upright. However, their true success lies in ice-fishing on a nearby lake and foraging at a local indoor farm for fresh ingredients.
Episode 3 - Westcoast Seal
Art and Dan visit Nuu-chah-nulth territory for a harbour seal hunt with master carver Joe Martin. Besides the hunt on the open seas, they meet an activist and educator responsible for acquiring the Naa’Waya’Sum Coastal Indigenous Gardens.
Episode 4 - Lobster & Scallops
Art and Dan set sail for a day of fishing on the Bear River Nation's lobster boat in Bay of Fundy. Dan manages the lobster traps, while Art enjoys the smooth sea. Later, they join local expert Lisa Johnson to forage for dulse on Victoria Beach.
Episode 5 - Urban Feast
In the heart of Toronto, Art introduces Dan to the urban Indigenous community's expertise in foraging, sourcing game meat and preserving cultural traditions amidst the city's hustle. They also explore Indigenous food joints that are gaining recognition.
Episode 6 - Halifax Halibut
Art and Dan can't resist sampling the local seafood in Halifax. They venture out on a commercial fishing boat to go handlining for cod, with Dan unexpectedly catching halibut. Back on land, Dan prepares a delightful seafood medley and beer-battered asparagus.
Episode 7 - McLeod Lake Burbot
Art and Dan arrive at McLeod Lake Indian Band, a Tse’khene community, to learn a bit about their history. They fish for burbot, also known locally as “ling,” an ancient deep-water fish commonly found in nearby Carp Lake.
Episode 8 - Fishing in Stockholm
In the heart of Stockholm, Dan and Art enjoy a unique experience fishing from the steps of the Royal Palace. However, their real success comes from foraging for fish and fresh produce at the Östermalms Saluhall Market.
Episode 9 - Babine Coho
Amidst a warm welcome from the Babine Lake Drummers and children dancing by the fire, Art and Dan take off on a helicopter flight to explore the remote corners of Lake Babine territory, where access is only possible by boat or aircraft.
Episode 10 - Swedish Beaver
Dan takes Art to Sweden to visit his old school friend, Oliver, whose mother has a rustic country home in Sweden’s lake district. They are intrigued to find that the area is an ideal habitat for another old friend: the beaver!
Episode 11 - Swedish Moose
Art’s fascination with Swedish moose secures him an invite to a Swedish-driven moose hunt, but first, he and Dan must pass a challenging shooting test. In the end, only Dan succeeds, marking his first moose hunt with thrill.
Episode 12 - Capercaillie
Dan introduces Art to their guide, Samuel, for a thrilling hunt. They follow Samuel's dog, Mitzy, through the forests in pursuit of black grouse. The hunt becomes tense, and finally, Mitzy's bark signals the successful 'treeing' of their prey.
Episode 13 - Malahat Surf & Turf
After trying canoe racing, Art and Dan tour the economic joint ventures of the Malahat First Nation. While Art has no luck hunting deer, Dan successfully bags a couple of pigeons for their culinary adventure.