Season 4 | Moosemeat & Marmalade


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Season 4

Episode 1 — Arctic Fishing
Art and Dan head to Nunavut for their first time! Their three-day journey includes a trip out on the open ice for some Greenland turbot, meeting the “Blue Eyed Inuk”, Simon Keenainuk, a musician famous throughout the Arctic, and traveling on a komatik to ice fish for Arctic char.

Episode 2 — Wine & Tapas
Dan has Art try his first tapas at a roadside restaurant in the mountains of Andalucía, which prompts them to make their own tapas but first, it’s a firsthand lesson on wine. Not only do the hosts visit a famous vineyard and winery housed in an ancient convent, they are also invited to a wine festival in Moclinejo where they part-take in ceremonies.

Episode 3 — Arctic Hare
Art and Dan arrive in Iqaluit and while walking in the elements, are turned back by a blizzard. When the storm dies, they travel the hillsides hunting arctic hare. Later the hosts visit Sylvia Cloutier who gives them lessons on making aluk, an Inuit dessert of berries and caribou fat.

Episode 4 — Bull

Dan takes the bull by the horns, taking Art on tour of Ronda, Spain to a practice bullring where fighting bulls are raised. They meet a practicing matador and later cook up a meal in a unique restaurant situated under the bleachers of a real bullring!

Episode 5 — Ptarmigan
Art and Dan join a community-wide ptarmigan hunting contest and learn to bake using foraged Inuit ingredients like crowberries. They also visit the local soup kitchen where they whip up some ptarmigan stew. Art and Dan are both put to work feeding the hungry who have come in off the cold streets.

Episode 6 — Pig
Dan takes Art to Spain to show him some food customs of rural villagers. The hosts get to know a local family and are put to work with butchering, cleaning, and making sausages. They help cook a traditional outdoor meal of fresh pork cuts and goodies from the garden.

Episode 7 — Seal
The guys head out on the open ice to try their luck at seal hunting. Returning empty handed, the guys learn of an Elder known as the Laughing Chef, who has offered to give them some seal meat to cook with. At the Elder’s Centre, Dan and Art cook up their seal dish, the Laughing Chef brings seal intestine soup and the Deputy Minister of Justice has delivers cupcakes with crowberry frosting.

Episode 8 — Spear Fishing
In Ibiza, Dan’s summer childhood home, Dan and Art go spear fishing on the Mediterranean! With a big load of tropical fish, Dan decides they are going to make a seafood paella.

Episode 9 — Raccoon

Art and Dan head to “The Blossoming Place” a nursery/community garden at the T’sartlip First Nation that feeds young students and teaches them about plants. The hosts cook Pulled BBQ’d Bandit with Lamb’s Quarters potato salad, cooking rustic style over a campfire and some gas stoves.  It’s a seaside picnic to remember as the guests taste raccoon for the first time!

Episode 10 — Fish Stew

Dan and Art are trying the Ibiza signature dish Bullit de Peix (fish stew) and Dan decides to make his own version. First, they must go fishing. Dan teaches Art various techniques including fishing with bread. The guys are invited to cook at SOS, a family owned restaurant in Cala Llonga.

Episode 11 — Intertribal Feast
While walking along a Victoria harbor talking about eating an Indigenous diet in the city, Art decides to take Dan to the urban reserve of Songhees. The guys cook up a feast with an immense menu; stuffed moose heart, moose nose tacos, camas, huckleberry preserves, herbed bannock, bison tongue, moose marrow, and traditional Cherokee hickory nut soup.

Episode 12 — Land of Plenty
The hosts are meeting Dan’s friend Matt at one of the trendy beach restaurants of Ibiza and Matt challenges Dan to cook at his countryside estate. Dan accepts the offer and the guys immediately set out to gather ingredients. It’s not a hunt nor are they fishing, they plan to gather all their goods from local markets and gardens!

Episode 13 — Crab & Oysters
In this jointly led episode, Art and Dan head to Denman Island in search of crabs and oysters. They go crabbing and pick up fresh vegetables from farmer Sam of the Two Roads Farm. Dan handles the oysters while Art creates a seafood salad using plants and seaweed from local beaches. The enormous, colorful meal is a big success and a reflection of a “5-mile diet”.