Season 5 | Moosemeat & Marmalade


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Season 5

Episode 1- Peace Potluck
Art and Dan visit Peace River where they learn about the impact of the Site C dam project, hunt deer and pick berries.
Episode 2- Warm the Cockles of Your Heart!
Dan and Art travel to the scenic beaches of southern Wales to learn about traditional Welsh food.
Episode 3- Caribou Camp
Art takes Dan to his home territory to introduce him to a caribou restoration project and an annual culture camp.
Episode 4-Lamb and Leeks
Art and Dan wander the Welsh saltmarshes, visit a leek farm, explore a castle and listen to a Welsh all-male choir.
Episode 5-Masset Surf and Turf
Art brings Dan to Haida Gwaii to dig for razor clams, learn about the Haida potato and cook in a Haida longhouse.
Episode 6- 9 White Deer
Art and Dan go to Count Cork, where they hunt Sika deer and learn about Irish culture.
Episode 7- Halibut
The hosts paddle a Haida war canoe, fish for halibut, pick wild cranberries and cook at the Haida Heritage Centre.
Episode 8- Fish and Potatoes
When Dan and Art go to County Cork to fish, Art finds unexpected connections between Indigenous Peoples and the Irish.
Episode 9- Sturgeon Spearfishing
Art and Dan visit Kahnawake to spearfish for sturgeon. They learn about Haudenosaunee corn and giant mushrooms.
Episode 10-Maple Duck
Art and Dan travel to Montreal to experience its diverse food scene.
Episode 11- Wild Duck Hunt
Art and Dan go on a duck hunt in the Cowichan Valley and meet the head chef at the Cowichan Elder’s Centre.
Episode 12-Castle Shoot
Dan and Art have a thoroughly British experience at Belvoir Castle.
Episode 13- Closing Feast
Art and Dan host a feast for some of the guests of episodes from the last five years and reminisce.