Season 3 | Friday Night Thunder


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Season 3

Episode 1 - 993 Days
After 993 days of closure during the COVID-19 pandemic, Glenn Styres reopens his beloved Ohsweken Speedway to sprint car racing and proves why he’s still called the “Ohsweken Flyer.”
Episode 2 - Crusty and Rusty, Not So Dusty
After more than two years, the crate sprint drivers make their return to Ohsweken Speedway. While most of them raced the year before at other local tracks, it will take them some time to reacquaint themselves with the pace at Ohsweken Speedway.
Episode 3 - The Pure Rookie
Victor Bomberry is well known in the Six Nations community as an entrepreneur, but today he hits the oval as a driver in the crate sprint class, demonstrating immediate aptitude and the fearlessness he says his dad instilled in him from a very young age.
Episode 4 - The Sons Are Shining
Victor Bomberry shares his story of sobriety and returns to the oval for his second time with a great start to the night. He later learns that he needs to be able to hear the race director and follow instructions or he’ll be slapped with a harsh penalty.
Episode 5 - It’s Sacking Season
After a terrible run at the 16th Canadian Sprint Car Nationals, Glenn Styres has concerns about his tires and believes they are the root of the problem. When Glenn is unheard by his crew after the race, he is forced to take drastic measures.
Episode 6 - Sweatin’ Lacrosse Balls
Joshua Hill, alongside friends and family, orchestrates a massive lacrosse stick giveaway to help kids in the community and remind us of the importance of giving back. The night proves to be challenging due to communication issues with track officials.
Episode 7 - Smart & Patient Is Fast
Allan Downey finds himself embroiled in a hotly debated racing wreck with another driver. This forces him to build a new car with the help of some friends, only to become entangled with the same driver again a week later.
Episode 8 - Remembering Ricky
Derek Miller revisits his past in a tearful meeting with the mother of his childhood best friend, Ricky, who died tragically in a motocross accident when they were teenagers.
Episode 9 - The Hornet’s Nest
After clawing his way through the B-main, the feature race spells disaster for Joshua Hill. Meanwhile, Glenn’s disgraced crew chief finds redemption with his new driver at the 17th Canadian Sprint Car Nationals.
Episode 10 - Hometown Hero
The inaugural NASCAR Pinty’s race finally arrives at Ohsweken Speedway and Aaron Turkey proves to be a hometown hero in the historic event. Meanwhile, Joshua Hill hustles to get his car back on the track after getting into a wreck the night before.
Episode 11 - Dude, Where’s My Brakes?
Aaron Turkey’s entire night is wild, starting with a heat race win, a top gun award and failed brakes as he narrowly misses people while speeding through the tech barn. It all ends in heartache when he makes one small error during the feature race.
Episode 12 - Crate Class and the Kid
After a rough season, 16-year-old driver Ashton Vanevery finds redemption with a legendary run at the inaugural Canadian Crate Sprint Car Nationals. Meanwhile, Glenn Styres reminisces about the creation of the crate class at Ohsweken Speedway.
Episode 13 - Where’s Alex?
Alex Hill has been out all season struggling with anxiety, but she decides to try one race before the season ends. With the help of her team and family, she overcomes her fears and gets in a night of racing at Devil’s Bowl Speedway in Texas.