Season 2 | Friday Night Thunder


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Season 2

Episode 1- Back to the Track! Maybe...
Ohsweken Speedway faces a difficult decision going into the 2021 season and rain threatens opening day for the Knights of Thunder. When the drivers finally return to the track, one of them has a rough start and ends up brawling with an adversary.
Episode 2- Sometimes Winning is Everything
A new driver named Allan shares his struggles going into the new racing season after a monumental loss. Dan has a hard time getting his car to start and Aaron narrowly avoids a pace truck in a scary start to the first race of the season.
Episode 3- A-Mains, B-Pains and Headgames
A double-header weekend at Humberstone Speedway proves to be a busy and stressful one for Derek. With the help of his fellow racers, he manages to get out on the track two days in a row and pull out a great performance.
Episode 4- You Gotta Push the Limits or Stay Behind
Humberstone’s double-header weekend wraps up with a top 10 finish for Aaron, who proves the following week that he’s on a roll. Derek travels to the Southern Ontario Motor Speedway to help Dan in the pit, only to witness Dan’s wildest and scariest ride yet.
Episode 5- Just Keep Moving Forward
It's National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and Joshua uses his car to make an important statement on the track. Meanwhile, the site of a former residential school is being transformed into a positive space for the community.
Episode 6- Flying With a Second Set of Wings
Joshua changes his car number to memorialize his nephew, who passed away at only 15 years old. With his new number, Joshua completes one of his best races yet. Derek finally qualifies for the redraw but isn’t happy with his results.
Episode 7- The Iceman and The Flyer Cometh
Johnny Miller takes us through micro sprint racing at Little Middleton Speedway, where we meet the next generation of Indigenous dirt track racers. Back at Brighton Speedway, Glenn Styres jumps into action with a new ringer on his team.
Episode 8- The Highs and The Lows
Alex Hill, fresh off a bad crash, encounters some car trouble at Lake Ozark Speedway. She finds redemption at Lucas Oil Speedway in Missouri but has doubts about her future in racing. Her dad is hopeful that she’ll want to continue with the Hill’s Racing Team.
Episode 9- It's Rut Season
The Southern Ontario Motor Speedway has been upgrading its facility in hopes of attracting more sprint cars, but the new track is terrifying for the drivers. Despite the difficult track, Derek has one of the best races of his life.
Episode 10- I Don't Want to Ride My Bicycle
The Action Sprint Tour is back at Merrittville Speedway, where one slick turn becomes a treacherous obstacle for the drivers. Matt gets into some trouble in the feature race and Allan has to think fast when two wheels come off the track.
Episode 11- We Have a Winner!
Another double-header at Humberstone Speedway presents the drivers with a weekend full of excitement, disappointment, confusion, redemption and unexpected glory for one driver who is on a mission to win.
Episode 12- Losses, Lessons and Looking Ahead
It’s the final Humberstone double-header of the season and the drivers have one last chance to improve their finishing position on the Knights of Thunder leaderboard. Then, they all share some updates on what they plan to do next.
Episode 13- Here Comes the Reign
The drivers head to Brockville for the final weekend of the Action Sprint Tour, but there’s some nasty weather brewing that threatens to interfere with the championship. The wet track makes driving slow and difficult. Will the drivers get to race?