Season 1 | Friday Night Thunder


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Season 1

Episode 1- The Circle
Ohsweken Speedway roars to life every year for an adrenaline and fun-filled time for the whole family. Meet the Indigenous sprint car drivers in the 360 and Crate classes who will compete every Friday to vie for glory on the dangerous dirt track of dreams.
Episode 2- You Hesitate, You Get Hurt
Rain delays the start of the season but Glenn Styres' crew has been working the track and is ready to race! The Hill brothers have been tinkering with their cars all winter. Meanwhile, Matthew is still coming off a bad crash from last season.
Episode 3- It's All or Nothing
After a tough start to the season, Joshua Hill, #69, is putting in extra hours at work and the shop to get the car ready and make ends meet. Convinced he’s going to win, Josh is determined to show up and send it every week.
Episode 4-Chasing the Ghost
Derek Miller, #38, struggles to make an A Main. With car troubles, inexperience and other road blocks, it’s been a tough season so far. But one Friday night, the sprint car community rallies around him to get his car on the track for an important race.
Episode 5-Car Dreams
Aaron Turkey, #68, is unable to pull out a win on Frankie Turkey Memorial Night, but comes back to put on a B Main spectacle that dazzles the crowd. Aaron has a lot of challenges distracting him and he experiences growing pains with his new crew.
Episode 6-When the Stars Come Out
Six Nations Sensation, Alex Hill, experiences a roller coaster of ups and downs during her return to the Ohsweken oval for the Northern Summer Nationals. After a strong start, her hopes of winning a feature race on home turf vanish.
Episode 7- Hitting an Iceberg
Glenn Styres, #0, also known as the “Ohsweken Flyer” has retired from sprint car racing, but being sidelined and watching from the bleachers is proving to be difficult.
Episode 8- That's Racing
Joshua Hill, #69, and Derek Miller, #38, are looking forward to another night of racing but a series of events leads to heartbreak for one and concussion concerns for another. Joshua makes a stop at a cancer fundraiser where he donates his recent winnings.
Episode 9- How Legends Are Made
Alex Hill, #77x has a reputation for being hard on herself and her time in Wheatland, Missouri is no exception. A mix-up sends her to the B Main race after finishing fifth in her heat race, an error on the part of race officials.
Episode 10- Racing and Reconciliation
Derek Miller, #38 has a new car while Alex Hill, #77x laments the slick track she fears at Ohsweken Speedway. When a mysterious 360 sprint car parks in the first pit on Millionaire Row, the pit buzzes with curiosity and excitement. Could it be Glenn Styres?
Episode 11- Friday the 13th
It’s the second last night of the racing season for Ohsweken Speedway, designated for the 360 class of sprint car drivers vying for the largest payout of the year. Glenn Styres, #0, stuns the crowd by returning to the oval.
Episode 12-Slick AF
Aaron Turkey, #68, is out for the season but shows up to watch and support his teammates. Alex Hill, #77x finishes her season with disappointment and anger about the track conditions. Glenn has multiple issues with his car, compromising his chances of a win.
Episode 13- The Year Was 2019
All the sprint car drivers of “Friday Night Thunder” share their thoughts on the first season and their hopes for next season. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hits, shutting down Ohsweken Speedway for an entire season.