Cashing In | Season 3


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Season 3

Episode 1 — Once Upon a Rez

Season 3 finds Justin Tommy at the helm of the Tommy empire as his father, Matthew Tommy, remains unconscious from a gunshot wound in a heist at North Beach. John Eagle reminisces about his childhood friend and adversary and wonders if he can get past nearly losing Liz to Matthew Tommy. Barry is shocked when Claire gets zapped.

Episode 2 — Wounded Wolf

Justin finds a convenient distraction from his trials and tribulations of running the casino when Brody, a party hearty fellow, shows up at the casino dishing out a ton of charm and cash. Trevor seeks out Earline’s sage advice on how to get his gift back. William Eastman confronts Barry about Claire. Aura tries to support Justin by following through on his request to visit Matthew.

Episode 3 — The Eddie Situation

Trevor is challenged to use his ‘gift’ when he and Cheyenne are confronted with serious danger. Justin begins to wonder whether his new buddy, Brody, hints of danger. Liz flirts with another type of danger when she makes a detour to see Matthew while she’s on her trip to purchase a wedding dress for her marriage to John Eagle.

Episode 4 — Bloody Money

Cheyenne tells Matthew Tommy that she deserves a stake in the Tommy empire. Scott tells Barry that he’s wasting his life waiting for Claire. Justin thinks a business opportunity with Brody is the solution to appease his father’s contempt. Trevor tries to earnestly use his gift.

Episode 5 — Boys and Their Toys

Matthew Tommy’s control on his empire is rife with challenges and threats from the inside and the outside. Cheyenne is in serious competition for a foothold in the empire now that Liz is back. Scott perseveres in his antics trying to bring sex and fun to the casino.

Episode 6 — High Stakes

The North Beach Casino is host to a high stakes poker tournament, which pits Earline Muskrat against the Native American poker champ of the world, Johnny Openwound. Not one to engage in petty games, Matthew Tommy goes up against Chief Neal in the poker game of a lifetime. Justin finds out what kind of game he has been caught up in when he seeks revenge on Brody.

Episode 7 — Tying the Knot

All dissension is put aside for the big day of the wedding between Liz and John. Scott is befuddled when his plans take a twist. Matthew Tommy realizes, maybe too late, that he has been too ambitious to understand the value of relationships in his life.