Cashing In | Season 2


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Season 2

Episode 1 — From Dubai with Love

With his golf course finally set to open, Matthew Tommy discovers he has to stay on the Rez longer than expected. Liz returns from Dubai and reunites with John Eagle, who has a surprise in store for Justin.

Episode 2 — The Really Big Show

In an effort to redeem a previous mistake, Cheyenne books Derek Miller to perform at North Beach. Justin reunites his father with a ghost from the past.

Episode 3 — Miss North Beach

William Eastman plans to do whatever it takes to stop Matthew’s condo development. John Eagle steps up the romance with Liz Mc Kendra while Barry and Scott spread the word about the North Beach Beauty Pageant.

Episode 4 — Sex, Lies and Video Lottery Terminals

Liz tries to convince Matthew to keep their dirty little secret. Justin searches for answers about his past while Cheyenne’s attempts to resist Derek’s charm weaken.

Episode 5 — It Never Goes Away

Aura reveals her sculpture and the truth about Justin’s mother. William finally reveals his ace-in-the-hole to Matthew but a slight of hand has him under Claire’s control. Don Burnstick arrives for his show at the casino and Trevor loses his magic touch.

Episode 6 — The Last Shot Wins

Justin and Matthew come to blows. Claire and William are in a tug of war for power while Matthew loses his to John and the Board. Don Burnstick takes the stage. Trevor Liz ‘s plans to leave are put on hold as the casino comes under fire.

Episode 7 — As the Worm Turns

As the investigation into what happened to Matthew begins, Cheyenne is once again in the thick of things. Liz comes close to losing everything, while Justin mans up and rises to the occasion.