Cashing In | Season 1


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Season 1

Episode 1 — All In

Casino mogul Matthew Tommy sends his top executive, Liz McKendra, to rural Manitoba to iron out a land deal. He also sends a little extra baggage – his son Justin whom he’s forcing to learn the ‘family biz’. But when Liz meets wealthy rancher John Eagle, she gets a little more that she can handle.

Episode 2 — Stand Tall

Justin books Chantal Kreviazuk to play the casino lounge but Cheyenne has her own plans and sabotages the show. Confident in her corporate prowess, Liz ambushes John Eagle while Trevor helps Chrissy prepare for her singing debut.

Episode 3 — Hello Cowboy

Justin discovers his calling and this time he’s sure this is it. John shows Liz the land and his softer side. Matthew informs Liz the casino profits are light.

Episode 4 — Kings and Little Ones

Liz ups the ante in her negotiations with John and creates a phantom job crisis. Barry and Scott are suspected of stealing from the casino. Cheyenne and Claire go to battle over control of Chrissy’s career.

Episode 5 — Double Down

Liz juggles a ‘wild’ date with John and pressure from Matthew to uncover who’s stealing from the casino. Justin’s true identity is revealed.

Episode 6 — Royal Flush

John and Cheyenne find themselves behind bars. Matthew arrives at North Beach to take casino matters into his own hands. Justin finally stands up to his father.