Season 2 | 7th Gen


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Season 2

Episode 1 - Layten Byhette - Chelazon Leroux
Follow multidisciplinary artist, influencer and businessman Layten Byhette, a Dene from Buffalo River Dene Nation and Fond Du Lac First Nation, as he makes magic happen through his drag persona, Chelazon Leroux.
Episode 2 - Natasha Kanapé Fontaine
An Innu from Pessamit, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine now lives in Montreal. With an important anniversary of one of her major works coming up, see how this poet, actress and visual artist uses her voice to advocate for Indigenous and environmental rights.
Episode 3 - Mihskakwan James Harper
Mihskakwan James Harper is an engineer and clean energy innovator from Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. Discover how his passion for climate justice and youth mentorship is taking him around the world.
Episode 4 - Taalrumiq
Taalrumiq is an Inuvialuk and Gwich'in fashion designer from Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. With her career taking off, learn how she uses art and social media to share her culture with others.
Episode 5 - Matthew Monias – Mattmac
Many people know Matthew Monias by his stage name, Mattmac. Discover how this Oji-Cree blind recording artist from Garden Hill First Nation is taking the world by storm with his music and blazing a trail with his advocacy work.
Episode 6 - Makaela Blake
Makaela Blake is a young Inuit-Punjabi woman originally from Gander, N.L. Witness how she is sparking big change and challenging institutional systems with her advocacy work, all while sharing her culture.
Episode 7 - Jon-Ross Merasty-Moose
Jon-Ross Merasty-Moose is a Cree educator from O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation, Brochet and Thompson, Man. Follow this teacher, athlete, coach, husband, father and live streamer as he lives his best life while giving back to Indigenous youth.
Episode 8 - Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown is an Anishinaabe-Jamaican woman from Winnipeg who grew up in the inner city. Learn about how this entrepreneur, chef and mother is creating the change she wants to see in her community.
Episode 9 - Brandon Nolan & Jordan Nolan
Jordan and Brandon Nolan, born and raised in Garden River First Nation, are part of an NHL legacy. Discover how these brothers are sharing their love of hockey with Indigenous youth across the country.
Episode 10 - Laura Grizzlypaws
Born and raised in Lillooet, B.C., Laura Grizzlypaws is of Stʼatʼimc descent. Learn about how she uses dancing, drumming and bodybuilding to share her incredible story and inspire others.