Season 1 | 7th Gen


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Season 1

Episode 1 - Mary Galloway
Mary Galloway is a fast-rising actor, writer, & director. Is she ready to conquer her most personal project yet?
Episode 2 - Jay Soule
Jay Soule is a Toronto-based artist.How will his new project challenge the way we understand Canada’s colonial history?
Episode 3 - Katarina Ziervogel
Katarina Ziervogel is a screenwriter who is deaf. What will she do next to teach about deaf culture and accessibility?
Episode 4 - Jesse Cockney
Jesse Cockney is an Olympic cross-country skier.Can he inspire healthy living through his training as a kinesiologist?
Episode 5 - Jaimie Isaac
Jaimie Isaac is a talented artist committed to her family & culture. What keeps her going when her workload overflows?
Episode 6 - Paul Rabliauskas
Paul Rabliauskus is one of Canada’s top Indigenous comedians. How does he balance career while working in his community?
Episode 7 - Nadya Kwandibens
Nadya Kwandibens is a stunning & impactful photographer.Recognized internationally, how is her work changing the world?
Episode 8 - Kairyn Potts
How is Kairyn Potts using his Tiktok superstardom to advocate for youth, the LGBTQIA2S+ community & Indigenous people?
Episode 9 - Melissa Brown & Candace Neumann
Melissa is a midwife & Candace a doula. How do they help reclaim traditional Indigenous reproductive health practices?
Episode 10 - Jay Mousseau
Jay Mousseau is a successful business owner & operator.How has he overcome challenges to become the leader he is today?