Season 1 | Yukon Harvest


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Season 1

101 – Spiritual Place, part 1
A Métis daughter and her Cree stepmother attempt to heal their broken relationship in the Yukon wilds
102 – Spiritual Place, part 2
Dallas walks in her father’s footsteps, journeying into the wilds to provide food for the Mayo community.
103 – Generations, part 1
A young Na-Cho Nyak Dun woman learns more about her culture and history by getting out on the land with her family.
104 – Generations, part 2
Geri-Lee, Jodie, and Hazel take matters into their own hands in order to provide food for their community.
105 – A Cultural Exchange
Twelve-year-old, Evan hunts with Secwepemc Knowledge Keeper, Ed, in a sharing of culture and life lessons.
106 – Apprentice Guide, part 1
A young Bloodvein First Nation man trains to become a hunting guide at a Yukon outfitting company.
107 – Apprentice Guide, part 2
Brett now gets a call to continue guide training at “Bear Camp” on Vancouver Island where expectations are higher.
108 – Apprentice Guide, part 3
Brett continues his intensive guide training on a bear hunt expedition on Vancouver Island.
109 – Ancestral Land
A Gwich’in father and daughter travel to the Yukon to meet distant relatives and harvest a moose for the community.
110 – Lessons
A Na-Cho Nyak Dun man takes a youth from the community hunting to teach him about tradition and living off the land.
111 – Family, part 1
A Métis man attempts to provide meat for his family in Saskatchewan before heading to the Yukon as a hunting guide.
112 – Family, part 2
Scott heads to the Yukon with his son, Joel, to guide two clients on the adventure of a lifetime.
113 – Season One: Reflections
Hunters and guides reflect back on their adventures from Season 1, offering new insights and anecdotes.