Season 2 | Dr. Savannah Wild Rose Vet


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Season 2

Episode 1 - Pigs N’ Needles
Dr. Savannah and the rest of the crew at Rocky Rapids are back to take care of rural Alberta’s pets! A turtle named Knuckles needs help with some shell issues, a pig named Missy has a bad case of the flu, and a pup name Siv needs emergency surgery!
Episode 2 - Cowboys and Reptiles
A pregnant dog named Bella needs an emergency C-section before she loses her pup, a giant Tegus lizard is uncharacteristically lethargic, and Dr. Savannah joins Dayle at the annual Drayton Valley Rodeo where Dayle is the vet on call.
Episode 3 - It Takes a Village
A defenestrated kitty needs a new home, a cat named Bella has mouth issues which may or may not be cancer, and Dr. Savannah takes a trip to the Siksika first nation to run a spay/neuter clinic to help control the pet population.
Episode 4 - Techno-Vet
A cat named Louis requires major leg surgery, a Kunekune pig named Crumbfoot needs emergency X-rays, and Savannah heads out on the land to conduct a wild horse study, looking at how horses treat their own parasites through a process known as Zoopharmacognosy.
Episode 5 - Mentor Me This
A guinea pig named JT has a life-threatening tooth issue, a duck named Dick has a septic joint that needs cleaning, and Savannah and Dayle head to La Ronge, SK. where Dayle speaks to a class of high schoolers and Savannah mentors the next generation of vets.
Episode 6 - A Deft Touch
An elderly dog named Layne needs tests to see if she’s stable enough for surgery, a cow suffers from a prolapsed uterus, and Lil shows up with a couple of creatures that need the team’s help before they can be released back into the wild.
Episode 7 - Talking to Animals
A cat named Lovebug requires emergency surgery after being shot in the leg, a Pomeranian named Cheeka has a bad cough, and Savannah and Dayle take a trip to learn some horse-handling skills from a well-known Métis expert.
Episode 8 - Talking to Animals
We learn all about the ever-important job of Vet Techs as Brooke assists a dog named Charlie who was injured in dogfight, and Savannah treats an elderly dog who was kicked by a horse. Brooke and Savannah then head to Sturgeon Lake' first spay and neuter clinic.
Episode 9 - In Case of Emergency…
A farm dog named Wrangler was runover by a tractor, a foal named Missy ripped her eyelid on a barbed wire fence, and Savannah heads to the Enoch Cree Nation to run an emergency Parvo clinic where she vaccinates local dogs against an outbreak of the disease.
Episode 10 - Wild Rose Vets
Dr. Dayle treats an adorable mini pony named Daisy who’s got a strange growth on her face and helps a mama cow during a difficult calving. Meanwhile, Savannah must work to diagnose a dog named Bernadette who has stopped eating due to chronic pain.
Episode 11 - Nine Lives
The kitties are coming! A housecat named Smoky is at risk of diabetes and a barn cat named Ashes is in rough shape after being hit by a car. Savannah heads out with the Canadian Animal Task Force to round up, spay/neuter, and release dozens of feral cats.
Episode 12 - The Cost of Love
A dental surgery goes from one tooth to nine teeth for a pair of unsuspecting dog owners, Savannah must investigate to figure out why a ferret named Sophie has stopped peeing, and an adorable bunny needs intervention to stop him biting at his sutures.
Episode 13 - Old Dogs, New Tricks
An elderly dog named Freddie has a rare form of cancer that requires quick intervention, a barn cat named Suzie needs help to feed her kittens, and Savannah heads to Back to Batoche – the largest Métis festival in the world.